Food on my Dog

My friend linked this to me the other day and it made me laugh, it’s so random and that dog looks so cute, bless. I was having a minor nervy b about all the work I had to do and this certainly cheered me up. Incidentally emerald street linked to this very same blog the same day! Check it out;




I recently began my blockbuster’s 2 week free trial (14 free dvd rentals – who could say no) and i rented the new version of Footloose which i have to confess was pretty dire apart from the cute clothes on the lead male and this song. I will of course like it more because it’s a country song but this version of holding out for a hero by elle mae bowen is just beautiful;


Trashy Jeans

The sunday times style magazine perscribes “trashy jeans” as the new investment, i’ve certainly seen a few that have caught my eye, river island seem to have the best selection and with summer kinda-ish-sorta coming around the corner, topshop have a gorgeous pair of neon tie dye cut offs.

These are my favourites:

most likely i will end up with a less adventurous pale pink pair of jeans or bright blue a la serena van der woodsen in Gossip Girl’s Paris episodes.



Now I realise this was a few days ago now, but my boy and I had to celebrate it late anyway so it doesn’t seem too long ago. Anyhoos I stumbled across these super cute valentine’s nails and if my nails were in any kind of good state I would definitely have attempted these little cuties on the day. This blog is awesome by the way, some amazing nail art inspiration, check it out at nailpolish is alive. Unfortunately I am prescribing myself to OPI’s nail envy and vitamin E tablets instead, good job as cheer comp is coming up next weekend as well.


Do It 2 Me

I actually am in LOVE with this song at the moment, the sun is shining in portsmouth, or has been for the past 2 days and I can’t help but play this on repeat. It feels like a summer roadtrip song, driving along with the windows down and the music blaring, albeit only February, I feel totally justified to plan ahead, especially if that roadtrip is around America! I really can’t remember where I heard this for the first time, but this is my current musical obsession. I’m planning on listening to the rest of album soon and will report back with another obsession if I like em i’m sure! Enjoy;


Olivia Palermo GTL

I was browsing through SheerLuxe a website I had completely forgotten about and stumbled across this lovely ‘get the look’ for Olivia Palermo which I absolutely adore, I actually prefer the coat they picked out vs Olivia’s. I love this look, it’s simple and classic and would be perfect to wear around town, to lunch, to work anywhere really and bonus actually looks quite cosy!


Cake Pops

I have been obsessed with Bakerella’s blog for over a year now and her gorgeous cake pops, which seem just a little too skilled for me to ever attempt. She does lots of other scrummy recipies as well but the cake pops are what have made her famous. I was looking through (don’t judge) the Lakeland website and came across this little inexpensive gismo, that makes them for you!

I may just have to indulge and finally have a go at making some i’m super excited! Below are some of my Bakeralla favourites:


Elie Saab

I just love everything about this collection (except for maybe the price!); the icecream colours, the glossy hair, the makeup especially those just blushed cheeks and all the sparkly girlyness. Now the only question is how to afford one of the shorter 50’s prom style ones to wear to my graduation…hmm. Check out the video below for the whole show, it really is just stunning.