World Obsessed With Facebook

Whilst trying to find percentages on the age range of Facebook users I came across this cool video. When I think about how I use Facebook, looking at these statistics I shouldn’t be surprised and yet I am at the sheer number of active users and what they get up to is just mind bogglingly large, no wonder more and more companies are looking at facebook advertising exspenditure and thinking of increasing it. Although as a consumer i’m thinking greeeaaat, more adverts that I can’t escape a la YouTube.

I’ve become a big fan of infographics as it makes boring data look a lot more interesting than reading a massively long PDF document or journal article. Annoyingly I panic myself by thinking these types of genuinely interesting infographics aren’t scholarly enough to include in my research but then I suppose that gives me more to talk about. Journal articles about Facebook are out-dated ooh look, 6 more words! Throughout my dissertation ‘journey’ I’ve found out so much information, dur, obviously, but I’ve been struck by how interested in all these I really and truly am. Good job really as I’ve 12,000 words to write.

I found this video on DigitalBuzz, it was created by Alex Trimpe



Small World

This is a little more work related but I thought i’d post this article talking about a ComScore score report, which basically shows that online, Google and Facebook rule the world. Yes congratulations everyone already knew that. But thinking about it I can’t imagine my life without either. Google has become a verb, one which I seem to use with increasing frequency, I want to know the answer to something I’ll “google it” and if Google doesn’t have the answer, well then I don’t know what to do with myself, nah, i’m joking. I give up! As for Facebook, I follow my friends, I follow companies, I stalk, I procrastinate, I have no idea what really makes facebook as addictive as it is but I for one can’t stop myself wanting to check every hour or so. This is a random link but I think back to times gone by, Jane Austin type era and how nosey they all were about each other’s lives, how much they gossiped,┬ábut really and truly we haven’t changed one bit, if anything we’re worse just now we do it sneakily, in our own time, solo and online!

Anyways, I thought this article was interesting and the diagrams nicely lay out the data which basically makes me feel a little less guilty about being online as much as I am and on these particular sites, because from what I can see…pretty much the whole rest of the world is doing it as well!

It’s A Small World After All


and yes I googled this article and picture!