Jazz Dance

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really ill for about a week now and have had a few days now of getting back to myself. So I’ve been a lot (as usual) obsessed with cheerleading and also rekindling my love for dance, I was randomly YouTube hopping and came across this audition of Mollee from So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 and I thought it was incredible, she is literally the style and type of dancer I’ve always dreamed of being, just beautiful, so I’m sharing this with you guys;



Gilly Hicks Summer

I’m completely obsessed with Gilly Hicks clothing, I’m a little sad that there are now almost 3 stores open in the UK as it means more people are going to know about it and I quite liked it being a little unknown secret! I first discovered the brand when their store opened in the Mall of America, MN back in 2009 and I just love its preppy cuteness – there are a LOT of bows on their clothes so I can’t help but be a sucker! I enjoy flicking through their ‘look book’, most of the looks are far too preppy for me to go out in, below is my favourite summer look, very america and laid back…perfect for the non existant UK summer I’m looking forward to! Now obviously you can’t go out in white pyjama shorts but a quick change into lace shorts or white denim and it’s perfectly good for an outing – I think I like this look so much because it strays away from the usual navy/red/white colours they adopt plus pink is my favourite colour.



I’m currently in the very early stages of planning my gap year road trip around America. I found this gorgeous picture on facebook’s pinterest app, which is from tumblr and now I’m posting on wordpress, phewph so much social media! I’m starting a roadtrip pinterest board and this is the first picture to be uploaded. I clicked onto this tumblr and I LOVE it, so make sure you check it out Inspiring Insanity, it’s beautiful.


Neon Dresses – Polyvore

I love flicking through Polyvore for outfit inspiration and this collection that came through on my email newsletter caught my eye; Neon Bridemaid Dresses. Now taking out the bridesmaid part, this is perfect, especially as neon is such a big trend for the summer and I have a number of ‘fancy’¬†occasions¬†coming up that I need to get a dress for. If you haven’t looked through Polyvore I definitely recommend it although it can be addictive and half an hour browsing can turn into a LOT long if you’re not careful! Surprisingly my three favourite outfits from this collection were all orange, very unlike me but hope you like them, which one is your favourite?


Emma Watson

Dissertation is in, since then I don’t think I’ve ever been as unproductive. I’m completely allowed of course to mong around, watch catch up tv all day and order dominos and chocolate pot lunches to my house.

In this post I wanted to share my love of Emma Watson not only as completely beautiful, stylist but first and foremost a wonderful role model, a month or so older than me I feel as if I’ve grown up with her through the Harry Potter movies and I look forward to seeing what else she gets up to after her HP graduation. This picture is Emma at Coachella festival this year, she looks gorgeous obviously. I was going to scan through some of my favourite pictures of her throughout the years, but it would have been to hard to whittle them down and not end up with a mile long post!