Gilly Hicks Summer

I’m completely obsessed with Gilly Hicks clothing, I’m a little sad that there are now almost 3 stores open in the UK as it means more people are going to know about it and I quite liked it being a little unknown secret! I first discovered the brand when their store opened in the Mall of America, MN back in 2009 and I just love its preppy cuteness – there are a LOT of bows on their clothes so I can’t help but be a sucker! I enjoy flicking through their ‘look book’, most of the looks are far too preppy for me to go out in, below is my favourite summer look, very america and laid back…perfect for the non existant UK summer I’m looking forward to! Now obviously you can’t go out in white pyjama shorts but a quick change into lace shorts or white denim and it’s perfectly good for an outing – I think I like this look so much because it strays away from the usual navy/red/white colours they adopt plus pink is my favourite colour.



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