Burberry Acoustic

Facebook stalking pays off sometimes, because you can find some amazing things through links on people’s profiles! I want to thank one of my good friends for leading me to the Burberry Acoustic pages, where loads of artists have come together with simple acoustic versions of songs, most of which I personally hadn’t heard before. I love the layout of the page, it’s simplistic and folksy which really fits in with the genre of music. My personal favourite is actually the first one Indigo Home by Roo Panes, I’m definitely going to be looking up more of his music on MySpace and YouTube so I may post some more of his songs if I like any. Due to most of these being shot early in the year they definitely feel more Autumn/Winter-y but nevertheless it’s a lovely mix to have on and something quite different for me to listen to, I’ve missed having Pandora in the UK and constantly discovering new music.

Check out all the artists HERE and let me know which are your favourites



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