Kunis for Dior

As if I needed another reason to be in love with Mila Kunis out come the new Miss Dior handbag autumn/winter 2012-13 campaign photos by Mario Sorrenti. I absolutely love the feel of the photos, especially the black and white ones, I think that’s down to the 60’s vibe there. So classy and classic just like the brand, lots of love for this.

Source: myfashionlife.com

source: spoiltblog.com

Source: fashnberry.com

Source: telegraph.co.uk


Linda Farrow Shades

Now as the sun makes it’s customary pitstop in England (3 days and counting) I’m thinking sunglasses sunglasses sunglasses. Selfridges on their “5 sunshine essentials” list included these gorgeous The Row – Linda Farrow shades that I’ve seen (or similar) on so many people and they look amazing. Being unable to afford them I tried my luck in a look-a-like pair…good job I apparently don’t have the face for them! My purse will breath a sigh of relief but I don’t understand…everyone else looks good in them?!! What are you favourite summer shades style?

Source: selfridges.com



I absolutely love watching Elle Fowler’s YouTube channel and fairly recently she started a second channel with a section called “Glitterature” in which she does book reviews. Now usually I find it very difficult to find books I like but I randomly clicked on this video (having skipped all the others) and felt like this book might be up my street. I was not wrong, it was amazing, I read it so quickly. It’s about this girl living in a city telling all its citizens that love is a disease and all the associated ‘symptoms’ are to be feared. The fear is relieved of each citizen on their 18th birthday when they get a procedure that leaves them an emotionless shell – the main character with a great fear of the ‘disease’ eagerly anticipates her birthday until something gets in the way. The writing is so beautiful and detailled and the ending is heart wrenching, I thoroughly recommend anyone to read this book. Thanks to Elle for introducing me to it and I’m now watching all her literature reviews.

Source : Amazon.co.uk


Pandora Ring

As much as I don’t wish to follow the crowds too much, sometimes the crowds are onto something good. I found the cutest ring on pandora that I hope to be adding to my collection at some point and bonus for me not choosing a ridiculously expensive one! Think I might have to wait until Santa Claus comes to visit for this cutie however. What do you guys think of pandora, do you have any favourite pieces?

source : pandora.net


Chocolate mug cake

Now I know at my uni a few years back these things were THE thing to make. Now I, being a pudding obsessee, and a rediculously poor student, made this dessert the best thing to ever grace the earth. This morning as I was trawling through pinterest I came across the recipe again and thought I’d share the love with you. It’s so quick and easy and tastyyyyy, I’m making one tonight in my new graduate mug!

MIX MIX MIX together and cook in the microwave for 3 minutes. Enjoy!


Lennon and Maisy

I came across these beautiful Stella sisters the other day and just had to share their amazing talent and music with you, their voices are so lovely I listened to their 3 most recent songs on repeat when I first found them on YouTube, below is my favourite video of the 2, make sure you check out the Imogen Heap cover as well;

Can’t wait to hear more of them in the future


Gillian Zinser

So my arduously long train journey back home (3 hours – urgh) left me bookless, magazineless (because i’d already read it all) so I picked up the August edition of Company. I’ve never bought the magazine before and only read a few issues since they had a restyle which I totally love, especially the matt paper, if that’s not too sad to admit. Anyways it reminded me of one of my favourite stylistas Gillian Zinser who plays Ivy in 90210 which I already drool over the fashion of. I have serious beach hair envy, there’s no way my hair would ever want to do that, I say want because my hair has a mind of its own! Below is one of my favourite looks of hers and now I’m off to veg in front of some 90210 dvds.

Source: imdb.com

I got recommended to look through Gillian’s tumblr “Indelible Shadows” which I’m just about to delve into, I probably won’t be leaving my laptop for the rest of the day now!


Cool it with Linin

Now as the British weather has decided to turn off summer and instead enter into monsoon season this July I decided to look on the bright side and think, well at least some people, somewhere in the world will have the weather to actually wear summer clothes! I was clicking through Polyvore and came across the “Cool it with Linin” collection and picked out my favourite 3 outfits from it, hope you like them as much as I do and perhaps are also lucky enough to wear something close to them as well. Let me know which is your favourite.


Online on the Highstreet

I found an interesting article on BoF (which I just discovered) and thought I’d post about it whilst also flagging up the blog at the same time. So many articles you read about highstreets and malls getting lower and lower foot fall ratings yet, as this article points out, when you think about it there is also an, albeit it small, migration of the online retailers back into the highstreet. Interestingly they keep hype up by producing well publicised ‘pop-up shops’ for a ‘limited time only’.

I’ve always found the downside of buying (clothes prodominantly) online is that you can’t try before you buy. My body doesn’t seem to agree with the way clothes are being sized these days and as such I’ve apparently been shrinking since the age of 18 — not the case I’m scrupulous in knowing my measurements and I haven’t budged an inch anywhere in 4 years! So to me this migration of online to highstreet is great, however what does that mean for the staple highstreet stores, we’ve already seen most of them appear online, such is the apparent trend, so it seems only fair and reasonable online needs to come out of cyber space and into our town centres.

My favourite online to highstreet migration has been Models Own, not the little section in Boots but the pop up stores in malls such as Westfield, whoever came up with the design for those mini shops deserves a medal, they’re so in keeping with the brand and you know exactly who they are and what they’re all about just from the outside of the shop, what more could you want?! If other online brands can be just as successful as this then I’m all for the migration!

Image : alittleobsessed.co.uk

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