Gillian Zinser

So my arduously long train journey back home (3 hours – urgh) left me bookless, magazineless (because i’d already read it all) so I picked up the August edition of Company. I’ve never bought the magazine before and only read a few issues since they had a restyle which I totally love, especially the matt paper, if that’s not too sad to admit. Anyways it reminded me of one of my favourite stylistas Gillian Zinser who plays Ivy in 90210 which I already drool over the fashion of. I have serious beach hair envy, there’s no way my hair would ever want to do that, I say want because my hair has a mind of its own! Below is one of my favourite looks of hers and now I’m off to veg in front of some 90210 dvds.


I got recommended to look through Gillian’s tumblr “Indelible Shadows” which I’m just about to delve into, I probably won’t be leaving my laptop for the rest of the day now!



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