I absolutely love watching Elle Fowler’s YouTube channel and fairly recently she started a second channel with a section called “Glitterature” in which she does book reviews. Now usually I find it very difficult to find books I like but I randomly clicked on this video (having skipped all the others) and felt like this book might be up my street. I was not wrong, it was amazing, I read it so quickly. It’s about this girl living in a city telling all its citizens that love is a disease and all the associated ‘symptoms’ are to be feared. The fear is relieved of each citizen on their 18th birthday when they get a procedure that leaves them an emotionless shell – the main character with a great fear of the ‘disease’ eagerly anticipates her birthday until something gets in the way. The writing is so beautiful and detailled and the ending is heart wrenching, I thoroughly recommend anyone to read this book. Thanks to Elle for introducing me to it and I’m now watching all her literature reviews.

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