Cosy Cosy Cosy

So I mentioned a few posts ago, my favourite thing ever is to be cosy. So being a massive nerd I looked up the definition: adjective meaning snuggly, warm and comfortable. Fabosh those are my favourite words! The stimulus behind this post is a few days back at work I had to call someone who’s whole business was centred around the concept of snuggling for therapy. Now as a business concept this creeps the hell out of me, but the idea behind it not so much. I completely agree that physical contact makes you feel better and more connected (unless it’s from someone creepy), too many days without some sort of affection and I’m getting down! So cuddle up people and with the cold and wet weather creeping up on us already, there’s even more reason to! Below are some of my favourite cosy snuggly pictures, Happy Snuggling!!

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Splash Mob

Now everyone know I’m a sucker for an advert, I’m a little too susceptible to their tricks, but I’m also aware that I am, so does that make it ok? Anyways, this advert doesn’t make me want to buy the product (sorry Clean&Clear) but it is really cool and I like the concept, props to the creative team behind it. Next time ask me to be part of the cast yeah?! Thanks to 2 of my favourite youtubers (Blair Fowler and TessChristine123) for raising my attention to this after they both tweeted about it. What do you guys think about this ad – fun right?!


It’s decided

So my boy and I have finally decided our travel plans and I’m so excited. Everything seems much more real, tangible and my dream adventure is finally going to actually happen! I’m sure a lot of my posts will now be america-travels related, so apologies in advance for that, but I’m too excited and with little else to occupy myself that will almost certainly be the inspiration behind a majority my little likes! My grandma has lent me a book on American history from the 1950’s and told me lots of stories from when she was living out there which has gotten me even further inspired. June 2013 here i come!

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So I don’t know what it is and maybe I’m late on the band wagon but I’m loving skulls at the moment, not in a morbid way, but in an Alexander McQueen totally hip way. It’s interesting to see them popping up all over the place a little collection from Harvey Nichols Facebook page caught my attention and I thought to myself yes, I believe I am a skull convert, that’s not to say i’m going to leave my bows behind heeeyalll no, but maybe i’m branching out and perhaps this will help me ditch the cursed C word that follows me around. NOOOO not that one….CUTE! Below is a mixture of some of my favourite skulls. (god this post sounds weird!)


Is it Fall yet?

It’s a terrible thought that I have, but come mid august I’m bored of the summer of broken ‘good weather’ promises and ready to move into autumn or fall as my american friends call it (which incidentally I prefer).  I know I know, who wishes away summer, but come on folks of the UK, you know what I’m talking about. It’s been barely worth the effort of window shopping online for that summer wardrobe! So a few weeks early I’ve decided to look into what it is exactly it is that makes me so excited for the fall.

Pumpkin everything – cookies, muffins, lattes, decor – you name it!

Boots – cosy socks poking out the top

Trees – turning through yellow, orange, brown and then dropping ready to step on all crunchy

Layering – pretty camis and light knit cardis

Fall colours – olive, burgundy, gold, grey, orange

source: 1.essie – going incognito, 2.pinterest,, 4.pinterest

and…being able to use one of my all time favourite words; COSY. I love to be cosy, I was born to be cosy!

Perhaps another spark for this fall excitement is now having an office job, if it’s fall I know I definitely won’t be missing out on any good weather, plus that air con is on so harshly it feels basically like i’m there already. What are your favourite things about autumn/fall?


All that Glitters

Now like most girls I’m a magpie to shiny, glittery, sparkly things and one pinterest post started me off on a trail to find all things bdazzled and here are some of my favourites. Looking on ebay packs of these gems in every colour and size are super cheap, I’m thinking of going round my room bjazzling everything. I think my favourite is the water Thermos water bottle, which one is yours?

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Organised Chaos

So I saw the beginning of a post from Wit&Whistle and thought THAT IS ME, in a nutshell right there and how thankful I am that I am not the only one:

“I don’t seem to have the natural inclination to clean that some people have. I guess I’m a messy neat freak”

I love organising, my wardrobe is a chapel for all things colour coded and perfectly arranged, the rest of my room however doesn’t really reflect that and although it drives me insane from time to time just as Amanda Wright says; I have no natural inclination to change this. I guess somewhere in the chaos there is organisation and that’s just fine, if one thing were to be out of place, I’m not fussed although I have to admit my room looks all the better when it’s pristine! One of my absolute favourite ocd-esq organisational tools are my Muji drawers; I store all my jewellery in there, each item having it’s own itsy bitsy compartment ooooh lala my fingers tingle with excitement at the very thought!


Ain’t Gonna Rain on my Parade

Nothing can affect my mood at the moment as I’ve just finished my first day of work. It’s such a relief to be employed, albeit it temporarily it is a job none the less and i’m so excited to start this monday. so as I said; ain’t nothing gonna rain on my parade.

Isn’t this picture SO cool?

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Dior Flowers

This video is insaaaaaane. This is the Dior fashion show with all the walls covered in flowers, it looks amazingly beautiful and I can’t even imagine how wonderful it would smell. When they pan up the wall containing roses all my eyes saw was £ £ £, the cost of it must have been ridiculous, a whole wall of orchids?! Wish I could have visited just for the walls!