Organised Chaos

So I saw the beginning of a post from Wit&Whistle and thought THAT IS ME, in a nutshell right there and how thankful I am that I am not the only one:

“I don’t seem to have the natural inclination to clean that some people have. I guess I’m a messy neat freak”

I love organising, my wardrobe is a chapel for all things colour coded and perfectly arranged, the rest of my room however doesn’t really reflect that and although it drives me insane from time to time just as Amanda Wright says; I have no natural inclination to change this. I guess somewhere in the chaos there is organisation and that’s just fine, if one thing were to be out of place, I’m not fussed although I have to admit my room looks all the better when it’s pristine! One of my absolute favourite ocd-esq organisational tools are my Muji drawers; I store all my jewellery in there, each item having it’s own itsy bitsy compartment ooooh lala my fingers tingle with excitement at the very thought!



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