Is it Fall yet?

It’s a terrible thought that I have, but come mid august I’m bored of the summer of broken ‘good weather’ promises and ready to move into autumn or fall as my american friends call it (which incidentally I prefer).  I know I know, who wishes away summer, but come on folks of the UK, you know what I’m talking about. It’s been barely worth the effort of window shopping online for that summer wardrobe! So a few weeks early I’ve decided to look into what it is exactly it is that makes me so excited for the fall.

Pumpkin everything – cookies, muffins, lattes, decor – you name it!

Boots – cosy socks poking out the top

Trees – turning through yellow, orange, brown and then dropping ready to step on all crunchy

Layering – pretty camis and light knit cardis

Fall colours – olive, burgundy, gold, grey, orange

source: 1.essie – going incognito, 2.pinterest,, 4.pinterest

and…being able to use one of my all time favourite words; COSY. I love to be cosy, I was born to be cosy!

Perhaps another spark for this fall excitement is now having an office job, if it’s fall I know I definitely won’t be missing out on any good weather, plus that air con is on so harshly it feels basically like i’m there already. What are your favourite things about autumn/fall?



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