Cosy Cosy Cosy

So I mentioned a few posts ago, my favourite thing ever is to be cosy. So being a massive nerd I looked up the definition: adjective meaning snuggly, warm and comfortable. Fabosh those are my favourite words! The stimulus behind this post is a few days back at work I had to call someone who’s whole business was centred around the concept of snuggling for therapy. Now as a business concept this creeps the hell out of me, but the idea behind it not so much. I completely agree that physical contact makes you feel better and more connected (unless it’s from someone creepy), too many days without some sort of affection and I’m getting down! So cuddle up people and with the cold and wet weather creeping up on us already, there’s even more reason to! Below are some of my favourite cosy snuggly pictures, Happy Snuggling!!

Sources: pinterest



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