Taylor Swift

This week should be renamed my Taylor Swift week I’m so obsessed. So after watching a Youtube video I recently went to Boots to smell her Wonderstruck perfume and boy oh boy is it gorgeous, it’s quite sweet but more mature smelling than Curious by Britney which shhh I also really like. As much as I don’t need to add another perfume to my collection, maybe the rules can be bent for this one. Apparently the name comes from a lyric in her song enchanted “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home” which basically describes the feelings when you first meet someone. So cute.

Source: google images

As a complete antithesis to the loved up fragrance I’m totally obsessed with her new song We Are Never Getting Back Together, best song to drive along to, in my bad karaoke voice of course! I wasn’t sure on the first hearing but with constant repetition it’s now my new favourite. Congrats T your talents have ruled over my week thus far…long may it continue.

Wooo #tswifthype!



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