Hello Kitty Heroes & Villains

My little geeky heart almost melted at seeing this on pinterest. I just had to share them with you. First of all I love Hello Kitty, unsurprising I know, no matter what she’s on I want it which is why I’m not getting on a plane anytime soon over to Japan because I think I might end up with a house full of paraphernalia. Secondly I’m a huge sci-fi fan, so I’m loving the almost annual Marvel and DC movies coming out for almost a decade now.

If only these cuties were real and not photoshopped eh? Which hero or villain is your favourite?



Makeup therapy

So it’s Monday, I had a great weekend and when my alarm goes off at 7am, it’s still dark outside and I have the prospect of 5 whole days of work ahead of me,I’m not massively inclined to leave my bed just yet. So of course, I pressed snooze three times meaning there was no time for make up today and I’m sitting feeling like I need a balaclava to step foot out this afternoon. It got me thinking why on earth I (and I’m sure lots of other women agree) feel so naked without their ‘face’ on, like it’s some kind of war paint?

“London college of Fashion study found that 85% of women believe that wearing makeup lifts their mood on a bad day” – Emerald Street

“We use it to get attention…and also as a metaphorical mask…it can make us abandon inhibitions” – Dr Helen Nightingale

Source: smartcosmeticsstudio.com

Well, if a Doctor says make up actually has deeper psychological benefits that can better your day I’ll take that. I’ll reach for my mascara and foundation knowing that I’ll be more confident and potentially have a better day. Bring on Tuesday I say.


Instinct of Colour

Here’s OPI’s new advert that came up on my newsfeed. The main thing that caught my attention was the music (C2C – Down the Road) and then of course all the dancing which is one of my passions, I’m forever prancing around my house whenever there’s music, which, with my iphone permanently attatched to my hand…is pretty much all the time. I like how different styles were represented, I of course have my favourites (ahem..tap..ahem). Now of course it would be me being sucked into advertising, to be honest it doesn’t make me want to buy nail polish, I just appreciate an awesome ad when I see it. Seeing as this is a future career path, it’s probably a good thing though right? Hope you like as much as me and who wouldn’t like a dancing pony?


I <3 Fall

So I’ve been seeing so many tags on youtube recently that I decided to recreate my favourite one on here and share with everyone the I ❤ Fall tag. Let me know what your answers would be.

Sources: maxfactor.co.uk; hairnailsandbeauty.co.uk; starbucks.com; polyvore.com; urbanoutfitters.co.uk; mermaidsrock.net

Sources: wiki; googleimages; pinterest.com; googleimages

Questions & Answers

1. Favorite fall lip color? Max Factor Lip Finity pens in 03 a nice raspberry colour that lasts for ages and doesn’t transfer.

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish? OPI A-Zurich a firm favourite for ages now, my toes wouldn’t know what happened to them if I didn’t have this in my collection. 

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall drink? New this season in the UK – PSL although I can only get a tall any more and I’m on a sugar/caffine mixed rush and that would not be pleasant for anyone. 

4. Favorite Fall candle? Cinnamon Roll Yankee Candle

5. Favorite fall scarf or accessory? Red tartan scarf from Urban Outfitters

6. Haunted House, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze? I hate anything scary so I chose something with a unicorn instead! That allowed?!

7. Favorite Halloween movie? I’m not a massive fan of halloween at all (sorry guys!) so instead I picked a movie I’m loving at the moment called The Lucky One, so sad and romantic and….well it has Zac in it. 

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? Caramel Apple Pops

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? My bf and I are going as Mary Poppins and Bert

10. What is your favorite thing about fall? All the beautiful autumnal colours on the trees, I love going for walks all bundled up (in my tartan scarf of course)


Jenny Packham in Gossip Girl

So the new season of Gossip Girl literally just finished and I wanted to immediately blog about the dress that I (for the past 20 mins) have been obsessing over. Now it’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of pretty much anything Jenny Packham does, we all saw Kate Middleton in that gorgeous sequin dress right? So it seems only right that I’m in love with this dress too.

Source: instyle.com

In the 1st episode of season 6, Serena Van Der Woodsen is wearing a white and pale yellow lace dress, slightly grecian with a cute bow detail nipping in the waist. Pure deliciousness. It’s so feminine and sexy, much like the beautiful Blake Lively herself and I’ve even forgiven her for taking Ryan Reynolds off the market!


Nora Ephron

I wanted to write a little something about the brilliantly clever and funny Nora Ephron. The woman behind some of the greatest ‘real’ RomComs I’ve ever watched. Drawing on even the darkest of her and her family’s life experiences to create funny moments was just one of her many talents, she was also a role model for working women during the 60’s. She got noticed by an article in the spoof magazine The New York Pest, liked so much by editor of the New York Post she was offered a job there instead.

Nora wrote You’ve Got Mail, Julie and Julia, Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally to name a few – including that orgasm scene. Although scripting RomComs she wrote female characters that were “strong, believable…witty but also compassionate and deeply perceptive” (Robin Baker). I wanted to share the love for this wonderful woman who died of leukaemia on 26th June aged 71.

“Be the heroine of you life, not the victim”


Hobbit Money

So eeeeeeeverybody knows they’re making The Hobbit movie, yippeee, can’t wait 2 parts, 3 parts, 10 parts…don’t care, I’m there. This story made me so jealous however. The people of New Zealand (where the movie was shot – durr) get to enjoy HOBBIT MONEY as LEGAL TENDER. Oh golly, nerd attack. This is the coolest thing, awesome advertising on the part of the movie promo team as well, major kudos there. The dwarfish around the edge reads the same as the English: “Middle Earth – New Zealand”. Now if only I could plan a quick trip to NZ…

Source: salon.com

And for those of you crazy people who haven’t seen the latest trailer…here it is:


Blistex Lip Massage

I just wanted to share the love for one of my favourite lip balms, I first got this product when I was visiting NYC over the Christmas holidays a few years back and just picked it up in Walgreen’s. Now every winter it’s my staple. It’s Blistex lip massage. The balm is so nice (tastes good) and the applicator massages your lips whilst applying the product and removes the dry skin. I seriously recommend it and I only just found out they have it over here in the UK too. Lovely 🙂 do you have any staple winter beauty products?

Source: googleimages


Red Velvet Ice Cream

HOLY MOLEY. I have Blair Fowler to thank for bringing this to my attention and I have Ben and Jerry’s to complain to. Bring this flavour over here this instant, I need to try and I certainly can’t wait until my next trip, no sir! I first tried red velvet cake warm made by one of my dorm room friends in America and fell in love, the messiest thing in the world to make but the most delicious thing to eat. Want this in my belly. And I want it now!


What’s your favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour?



Thanks to the lovely Emerald Street email this morning I felt so inspired to write this post because I’ve been trying to think of the perfect way to sum up my past 4 years and serendipity certainly covers it.

Serendipity meaning : happy accident or making fortunate decisions by chance

My serendipity seemingly started when I didn’t make it to my first choice university; as a result I found a love for cheerleading, made some great life long friends and lived in America for 6 months to name a few, I have been very lucky indeed and I want to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey ❤ I used to think it was fate but I like to think that I had some hand in the way things have turned out. I’ve worked hard, learnt a lot and am so very happy.