Nora Ephron

I wanted to write a little something about the brilliantly clever and funny Nora Ephron. The woman behind some of the greatest ‘real’ RomComs I’ve ever watched. Drawing on even the darkest of her and her family’s life experiences to create funny moments was just one of her many talents, she was also a role model for working women during the 60’s. She got noticed by an article in the spoof magazine The New York Pest, liked so much by editor of the New York Post she was offered a job there instead.

Nora wrote You’ve Got Mail, Julie and Julia, Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally to name a few – including that orgasm scene. Although scripting RomComs she wrote female characters that were “strong, believable…witty but also compassionate and deeply perceptive” (Robin Baker). I wanted to share the love for this wonderful woman who died of leukaemia on 26th June aged 71.

“Be the heroine of you life, not the victim”



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