Makeup therapy

So it’s Monday, I had a great weekend and when my alarm goes off at 7am, it’s still dark outside and I have the prospect of 5 whole days of work ahead of me,I’m not massively inclined to leave my bed just yet. So of course, I pressed snooze three times meaning there was no time for make up today and I’m sitting feeling like I need a balaclava to step foot out this afternoon. It got me thinking why on earth I (and I’m sure lots of other women agree) feel so naked without their ‘face’ on, like it’s some kind of war paint?

“London college of Fashion study found that 85% of women believe that wearing makeup lifts their mood on a bad day” – Emerald Street

“We use it to get attention…and also as a metaphorical mask…it can make us abandon inhibitions” – Dr Helen Nightingale


Well, if a Doctor says make up actually has deeper psychological benefits that can better your day I’ll take that. I’ll reach for my mascara and foundation knowing that I’ll be more confident and potentially have a better day. Bring on Tuesday I say.



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