Goodbye November, Hello Christmas Jumper

Happy Friday everyone. Yes it has been a million years since I posted *slapped wrist* I’m bad.

Feeling all woman-flu-ey I decided to crack on and start posting again. With word that my continually extended temporary contract may finally be drawing to a close at the end of next month, it’s looking like I may have some time on my hands, or at least for a week. So what better way to re-start than to blogging about CHRISTMAS, because really…it’s not that far away, seriously guys 24 days. No matter how much planning I do, Christmas just creeps up on me faster and faster every year. The weather too has taken a turn for the worse…floods now frost. So who doesn’t want to read a post about staying warm and looking chic? The lovely people at SheerLuxe compiled these 3 outfits from this super cute Moschino Christmas jumper and made it look grown up and sassy.



My favourite? No 3. Did you see that jacket?!



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