Ok, so this is more than a LittleLike, this is a right out, full on LOVE.

It’s the CTFxC.

source: forhumanpeoples.com

If you haven’t heard of it (tsk tsk – they’re the 3rd most subscribed to channel) they are a daily vlog channel following the lives of Charles and Alli Trippy as well as their dogs Zoe and Marley. I started watching about a year ago but they’ve been vlogging every day of their lives since 1st May 2009! The vlogs have followed them through a proposal, warped tour, house moving, the wedding and so much more. The show has that special something that makes it so addictive. I love finding out what they got up to each day and makes me pine for living in America again and who wouldn’t want to live in Tampa where even yesterday they were still in t-shirts! Charles and Alli really are so loveable and down to earth which makes it so addictive, so if you haven’t already make sure you check them out they really are great 🙂

What youtubers are you addicted to watching?



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