Electric Holiday

I have to thank my wonderful friend for showing me this video when she came to visit this weekend, I’ve now watched it at least 5 times in the past few days and it hasn’t grown old. I can’t think of a greater collaboration than Disney and Barney’s. Now Barney’s holds some sort of nostalgia in my heart because when I was growing up that’s where Rachel from Friends worked in New York and New York was my dream and of course I can’t think of any part of my childhood or in fact my life now without harking back to some sort of Disney film. I found myself quoting something I didn’t even remember was Disney! It’s ingrained.

This video is so great, Elber Albaz is my favourite, he was made to be a Disney character right?! And Minnie as always is just adorable, who didn’t want to dress up at Minnie when they were younger? So I’m sharing this wonderful video with you to enjoy, amazing job Barney’s and Disney for creating this magical fashion short. I am a bit late on the uptake with this (sorry) but now the puzzle of why SJP was on the red carpet with Mickey ears on has been solved! Of course with any collaboration there is a collection to buy and my eye is on the cookie jar.



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