SuperBowl XLVII

I will fully and honestly admit I’ve never really been into mainstream sports, the Olympics this year I could momentarily revel in the wonders of dodgeball, basketball, sailing etc and actually enjoy watching ‘sports’.  As a purely Freeview watcher I never ever get the opportunity to watch anything other than football (yawn). Upon my return from the USA, American football was still nothing I was interested in, being far too lengthy for me to pay attention to. Until last year when I made a considerable effort to read up on the game and was enthusiastic to watch the game played in full on the beeb, I was left, neither over whelmed, under whelmed, just whelmed!

Source: NFL

Source: NFL

This year I’d paid little to no attention to the upcoming Super Bowl but decided to tune in at 11pm tucked up in bed with my ipad to watch the coverage and this time I was actually engaged and thoroughly enjoyed watching, a great moment of personal growth for me. Some of the hype is most definitely lost over here, there are no football parties with snacks galore nor is there the anticipation for the roughly 45 mins of adverts played throughout the match intervals from underwear to food and cars. This year I was interested to look back over the past 47 years and see just how this has become such a MAJOR event, for it to have become this big in such a relatively short space of time.

Mid 1966, rivalry between the NFL and AFL had reached its pinnacle and a merger was agreed, what started out as a joke name from Lamar Hunt which could be “obviously…improved upon” it stuck thanks to also being picked up by the press. The packers won the first 2 Super Bowls and since then it has grown and grown, from the dominance of Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys in the 70’s to now the incredible over-the-top spectacle of sport, music and talent. Yesterday’s spectacle lived up to expectation with some incredible touchdowns that even a rookie like me could see the talent needed for plays like that.

source: vogue

The event cannot be mentioned without pausing to speaking about the lady currently turning my whole twitter feed a flutter; Beyonce. Her performance was incredible there is no denying her talent and this performance definitely lay to rest the criticism surrounded her miming performance at President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration. She was the epitome of fierce. Many a woman will try to be emulating her incredible dancing and that leather and lace leotard, if they weren’t already during the performance…only me? Oh right. What could have put the icing on the fiery performance more than seeing Destiny’s Child reunited singing the equally firey Independent Woman. Ahh to be that sassy!

Bring on Super Bowl XLVIII



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