Instagram Etiquette according to…

Now if you haven’t read Man Repeller’s blog then I seriously recommend it, she’s super famous in the blogosphere and fabulous and funny and fierce! To summarise her blog; “The Man Repeller is a site dedicated to the celebration of fashion trends that women love and men hate.” I think we all can relate to this happening to us at least once in our lives. “No, I haven’t decided to dress like MC Hammer, they’re harem pants”.


I was laughing out loud at this post from last week, in it she talks about the do’s and don’t’s for #throwbackthursday / #tbt. All her rules are so true and so widely broken by even just my small list of followings. A great read and also possibly a mental check list. Do not bombard your instagram feed this coming Thursday with pictures of you looking fabulous on holiday last month, please? Thanks

Check out the article here

In other news; Happy 50th Birthday to Marc Jacobs and RIP Maggie Thatcher.



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