Salvation for the Schlump

A good graciously long day and one which caffeine was my only solution. I have never been a morning coffee person and certainly not a morning person either. My coffee kick become necessary roughly 10 mins after I’ve finished my lunch time sandwiches. On the dot. 10 minutes later. My body is ready for an amazing nap. Unfortunately for me, and most working folk, my office does not have a nap area (though some offices do might I add!). So coffee is the ‘salvation for the schlump’…hmm…perhaps that could be my cafe’s slogan?!

 This wonderful picture of a Paris cafe is where I imagine myself popping to and sitting at as sip by sip my brain is hauled back into normality. What a beautiful view and perfect for people watching.

source: pinterest

That and the bracing wind that faces me on the walk back to the office!



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