Coca Cola Freestyle

Now I came across this amazing machine idea whilst I was writing my dissertation and thought (in the nerdy way that I do) just how amazingly cool this concept was. The Coca-Cola Freestyle. During my recent trip to Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Florida, I ventured into the sports bar and came across the machine, unfortunately I couldn’t geek out and spend loads of time selecting and testing (there was a queue) and had the cups not been of gargantuan size I would have been back for more. But it was just as wonderful in person as it looked on the coca cola blog. Why on earth is this not the drinks dispenser I’m presented with everywhere, and if not everywhere I’d settle for just Nando’s as I seem to frequent that restaurant more than is healthy, can’t say no to spicy chicken.

source: T3

So this machine allows you to pick whatever brand of drink Coca Cola owns and whatever flavour you want, I never knew there were so many to quote their marketing ‘the possibilities are quenchless’ but seriously EVERY flavour, who knew there were over 100! To which I say blooming bring more of those flavours over here it’s no fair! Peach Sprite, Lime Fanta, Raspberry Coca-Cola?? Those sound great, bring them over! Which would be your favourite flavour?



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