Capturing Magic

It’s nearly 2 months since I departed on my first Disney World trip and the Disney magic has certainly not abated since I’ve been home and one thing that has stuck in my mind in addition to all my wonderful memories is the Capturing Magic podcast. This is a great show that focuses on different ways in which to capture and share magical disney moments and non-disney moments alike. I’ve edited my pics and videos but I’ve yet to create them into something great and this show is a great tool to use for ideas, tips as well as their blog.



I’m a big fan of podcasts anyway but I usually grow tired but there are so many mini themes within the show from Minnie’s to Pinning to hour long shows that there’s enough to keep me listening and looking forward to the next episode. Now back from Disney I can’t wait to go again but in the meantime this is a great way to keep a little more Disney in my life…which is never a bad thing.

In other news my thoughts go out to those in Oklahoma affected by the recent tornado, I stumbled upon this amazingly heartwarming video that has been trending in the last few hours, make sure you check it out.



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