July Favourites

I have wanted to do a ‘favourites’ post for a while but tend to not change up my products that often but lately I’ve been finishing off bottles, using up samples and have been away and so thought I would share a few things; beauty and non beauty – that I’ve been loving this past month particularly those I found I couldn’t be without whilst away.


july favourites01

1. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel – not the most glamourous of products but definitely one I was very grateful for whilst away. Great for your skin in the evening after sun exposure, especially soothing if you’ve burnt. ps don’t put it in the fridge it gets way too runny!

2. EOS lemon drop SPF15 lip balm – great lip balm and one I’ve been wanting for a while after seeing so many youtube beauty gurus go on about them. Definitely my favourite flavour as it smells like homemade lemonade.

3. Milani baked blush in dolce pink – this is a cross between a highlighter and a blusher for me so a great 2 in 1 product for when I was travelling, again something I picked up whilst I was in the USA. I love this product with a tan it just gives a nice healthy glow however being used to my Nars blush I would say this is a bit more powdery but it’s a beautiful colour.

4. Garnier BB cream – having never been a real fan of foundation no matter how many samples I try, I think BB creams are great because they’re light, moisturising and in my opinion give me the right amount of coverage. I’ll definitely be trying other brands but I was attracted to this because of the typical fresh and fruity Garnier smell.

5. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – don’t ask me where the lid has disappeared to, lost in transit, but this product is GREAT. It’s a cult product for pretty much everyone who’s tried it. It’s gentle but does an amazing job of getting rid of make up and whilst away I just used this to take it all off. It leaves my combination skin not feeling tight or greasy and got rid of all the grime built up over the day. The muslin cloth that comes with it is also the perfect amount of exfoliation to make sure your skin stays smooth without irritating.

6. Revlon Lip Butter wild watermelon – I was wary of this shade at first but it was a perfect product that was moisturising and provided more than just a hint of colour and it’s definitely easy to build up to a full kapow colour. I like this range a lot because it is so moisturising and the quilted packaging is lovely. Also tried it as a cream blush which worked nicely but use sparingly!

Non beauty:

july favourite 02

1. Candy Crush – yes I caved in….

2. Olympus SZ31MR – love this camera to death and throughout my trip and a recent graduation it’s show just how versitile and easy to use is can be. Love all the presets as well as the ability to do panoramas and play around with your own settings amongst other things. A great hybrid camera that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

3. Raspberry Arizona Iced Tea – I drunk literally gallons of this stuff whilst away and it is seriously delicious, my go to drink and always for a great price. I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll eventually make it’s way over here soon.

4. Florida Georgia Line – What You Drinking About – I’m definitely the type of person that will play the crap out of a song, I’m talking back to back repetition and this would probably be the most abused song on my ipod, particularly during those 5 + hour drives.

Let me know what have been your favourite things this month.



DIY Iced Latte

I’m a massive Starbucks fan, however I’ll be the first to admit that it is ridiculous how expensive one cup of coffee can be. I can make a lovely filter coffee with flavoured syrup for about 50p at home but I just love the coffee experience so I can’t say goodbye to it completely. Back the point, I finally got around to making a real deal iced latte, I’d tried a few easier methods but they weren’t cutting the mustard and then I finally I got it right, so I’m sharing it with you.

For one serving you’ll need;

  • Crushed ice (ice cubes, tea towel, rolling pin and some stress relieving wallops will do the trick)
  • 1 shot of espresso (60 ml)
  • 60ml milk
  • 10ml creamer – I used French Vanilla

And that’s it. When I run out of flavoured creamer I’ll probably just end up putting 70ml milk and a small amount of coffee syrup in instead, I use Monin syrups as there’s such a huge variety of flavours and they last ages. These measurements are what worked for me, if you want more coffee, milk, syrup – adjust accordingly, but it really was easy and quick to put together and genuinely tasted as good as in coffee shops. Below is how mine turned out 🙂

Vanilla Iced Latte