Hand Luggage Essentials

I have recently been travelling around the USA and there are a number of things I had to become a pro at and that was namely packing. In 6 weeks I went on a total of 5 flights and this post is dedicated to what I like to pack in my hand luggage. This trip also opened my eyes to how much people want to bring as hand luggage, HUGE suitcases that on an entire flight they don’t touch…put it in your main luggage people and actually leave some space in the over head bins for my tiny backpack. Ok rant over, below are my essentials!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 18.56.07

  • my darling iPad 1 – filled with music, films, podcasts and books – space and weight saving
  • a pen, or rather several pens just in case you lose one – important for all those documents you need to fill out and sudoku!
  • hand sanitiser
  • snack – my favourites were clif bars, as they filled me up and tasted delicious
  • travel pillow
  • over ear headphones – to cancel out some of the plane noise
  • pashmina – to double as a blanket
  • cath kidston travel document holder – all my stuff in one place and easy to see in my bag
  • aztec fabric backpack – looking a bit sorry for itself now!


And that’s all, I never felt like I wanted more and it meant I didn’t have back ache from carrying so much 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you like to bring with you on your plane trips.



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