What happened to the Mixtape?

There seems to be something indescribably cool about ‘retro’ about ‘vintage’  which nowadays covers anything that’s 10 or more years old. We’ve all been witness to the 90’s revival but hello, the 90’s were only last year…wait…?

It got me thinking about how technology is stepping into every crevice of modern life and how, not that long ago mobile phones could just phone people, when you picked books off a bookcase and tablets were something children from the Victorian era wrote on in school. I love technology but I do wish from time to time I could embrace a techno-free week – enjoy every literal page turn, catch up with friends in person, not skype, and look forward to catching the latest episode of some show rather than watching it online, alone, just so I see it a week before everyone else…like everyone else! But I’d spend the following week ‘catching up’ which defeats half of the purpose of ‘switching off’.

source: google

source: google

Technology you help me so much. Having no sense of direction, GPS has been a god send but maybe I would have learnt if it wasn’t there as my crutch. Going back to the original point however – I found old mix tapes whilst deep-tidying my room and started reminiscing. I remember waiting by the cassette player to press record when the perfect song came on, then the hours of repetition when I’d finished a ‘mix’, there’s something so marvellous about it, more covetable and personal merely due to the hours it took to curate. Now the closest you get are playlists on your ipod or 8track or spotify and it’s so easy so why wouldn’t we migrate to them? Can we really afford to spend so much time on something we can now do in a matter of moments?

So should miss the mix tape when arguably it’s still alive and kicking just in a different form; having rapidly evolved over the last decade or so? What do you think, is it nostalgia for nostalgia sake that some a migrating back or because it’s cool to be “old school”?



One thought on “What happened to the Mixtape?

  1. I’ve tried making one not so long ago but am probably too wedded to the internet to take the time out and do one… and need to find appropriate material. I used to make loads when I listened to a lot of pop music but my tastes since became less mixtape-friendly.

    I am preparing to make a CD for the car, however. Once I get all the songs I want downloaded… but this is not as much fun.

    Most of the old tapes got taped over with sermons at my church. I used to call them “compilations” (like compilation albums you could buy in the shops) as they never brought out the precise sort of thing I wanted.

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