Hidden Book Art

Now there is little more exciting than a book, like an actual physical book. As much as I try I cant get into tablet reading, it hurts my eyes to read for a long time on my iPad and I’m not about to invest in another gadget just to read on. So real books it is and how impressive would it be to have your own personal library? I think that’s been one of my ambitions to have a little snug/library room with a comfy armchair, tonnes of blankets and the beautiful smell of books and dark wood wafting around. Doesn’t this picture from the Shakespeare and Company shop in Paris remind you of an Ollivander of books type shop?

source: shakespeareandcompany.com

source: shakespeareandcompany.com

One of my favourite arty/nerdy sites is Colossal and that’s where I came across these hidden fore-edge artwork books from the early 19th Century. The hidden art on these books were found by the University of Iowa but many more have been found and the technique is thought to have originated from the 1650’s. These gorgeous images can only be seen when the pages are fanned which makes me think about all the hands these books have been in and how many of them actually discovered the secret hidden among the pages. The paintings are beautiful and so is the idea of putting them there, it’s the type of thing that gets my nerdy little brain very excited. Click the picture below for the full Colossal article and for more images.

source: thisiscolossal

source: thisiscolossal

Did you know that the “old book smell” is actually a specific type of mould that’s only found on books. It’s believed some old scholars, upon being surrounded by these books for long periods used to get a little high on the fumes!!



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