Cosy Socks and Good Telly

Who could miss the fact that this week has been officially September-ish weather, at least in my opinion, finally I can swan around in a light jumper and jeans and reacquaint myself with my socks. Yes, I am that exciting. Now with my feet cocooned in primarni’s finest cotton blend flying pig socks I can get down the nitty gritty that is my autumn television guide.

tv guide, autumn 2013

1) Downton Abbey – One liners from Maggie and the hope that Mary and Tom will become bff’s both having lost their spouse and having to look after little kiddos. And they all lived happily ever after.

2) Strictly – Yay for Anton having sexy bond girl partner and my general excitement for Brendan Cole…

3) X Factor – drama drama drama I love it, although if they can skip the sob stories this year I’d be very appreciative because if Kevin can’t sing I won’t vote not even when I find out he was teased for having a 6th toe. PS – I never actually vote but do shout when they keep the wrong people in!

4) Vampire Diaries – hurray Elena is human again and there’s 2 Stefan’s. Need to know morreeeee.

5) Awkward – little bit of a wild card but I LOVE this show to death, it’s hilarious, go check out the previous 3 seasons, you’re welcome.

6) Big Bang – love this show, E4 cannot show it enough although the same episodes replayed in the same day, come on guys you can do better than that.

7) Nashville – there was a crash and they ended the season, I do not appreciate those types of endings. Hurry up season 2.

8) DrWho – 50th anniversary special and a new doctor what more could you ask for?

What shows are you excited for this Autumn?



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