Work and Play

Gracious it has been the busiest week every and just when I thought it was winding down I went and landed myself an interview (yippee) and minor panic ensued. I decided to keep my outfit simple and monochrome and overall I think it went fine and now I’m just waiting to hear back and of course mustering the enthusiasm to carry on hunting in the meantime.

Slipping back into work mode was actually quite enjoyable all the more so with a work of art cup of coffee (Costa’s Toffee Nut) and a trip into Muji. There is something that delights me in the clinical simplicity of the stuff in that store, alas budget not allowing I window shopped and eyed up these acrylic drawers for my jewellery.

I ended the day going to see the new movie Diana. Unfortunately it really wasn’t very good, certainly not Iron Lady calibre. Something about Naomi’s portrayal was a bit vain and the story line flounced around more unnecessary details than actually getting to know the characters, so for once I entirely agreed with the 2 star movie critic rating. What do you think of the movie if you’ve seen it?



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