Keep Doing What You Love

I’m the hugest fan of Ellen, I remember stumbling across her chat show back when I was sitting in my sparse american dorm room. From the first show I couldn’t stop watching her, I’d never been big into talk shows but there was something about Ellen that drew me in, the way she made everyone a friend and talked about the funniest, saddest and heartwarming issues, I was hooked. Back in the UK I can only watch shows that are seasons old but her glorious YouTube channel is kept up to date and in fact my old dance teacher posted this link on her facebook and I knew I couldn’t wait to share this video.

If there’s ever the thought that things aren’t going your way and that giving up is easier then this guy is proof that you should never let into those thoughts. Perseverance is something we all need to learn to do from time to time and never to give up on what you love in-spite how difficult it is or becomes. This dancer Evan Ruggiero is such an inspiration and has certainly given me the push to persevere today. “The work is worth it.”



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