Swoon List

swoon list #1

1. The Mulberry Suffolk, trust me to have picked the most expensive version of this bag but goodness that colour “pheasant green” it’s sounds wonderfully english and autumnal. Plus look how beautiful, it’s like an old doctors bag but way more chic, I love it.

2. So many seasons I’ve promised myself to buy some wellies, it rains a lot you’d think I’d own a pair but I always tell myself not to bother. This year it’s different and I’ve already spied these Joules ones on Ebay that are going to save my suede loafers from their usual drenching.

3. Love the colour and texture of this Topshop jumper it’s definitely a ‘snuggle up in me’ type jumper, just the ones I can’t resist.

4. Accessorize necklace – I’ve literally had my eye on this statement necklace for the longest time. Seems I’m gravitating toward this colour a lot and oh boy does it look beautiful next to that mustard yellow or even on a crisp white shirt.


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