Victoria Revealed, Kensington Palace

A few weeks back I went to visit Kensington Palace, sadly no royal spottings, but after having recently been refurbished I have to say they did an amazing job. My favourite exhibit was the one about Queen Victoria called Victoria Revealed; documenting her life growing up, finding then losing love and being surrounded by grand children in her old age.

The exhibit was directed from room to room with the help of snippets from her diary, her beautiful cursive writing is littered throughout – from projections on the wall, etched across mirrors and hidden in desk drawers that really make the whole experience that more personal. Through her diary entries Victoria comes across as delicate and feminine, passionate and very loving – her romance with Albert is almost akin to the story of Romeo and Juliet in the way she portrays it.

kensington palace collage

Of course it glosses over Abdul Karim’s role in her later life but overall I thought it was really interesting and a different angle than that usually portrayed of her dressed in black and with only a sour look to give. If you have the change to visit make sure you do and afterwards you can enjoy Hyde Park which is never a hardship at anytime of the year.



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