The Review: King Lear

On Monday night the boy and I trundled off to the Holy Trinity Church for a production of King Lear by the Guildford Shakespeare Company. Lured in by Brian Blessed in the cast, we decided to give the play a go, neither having read it nor studied it previously. Unfortunately Brian had to pull out a week before due to health reasons which was such a shame but hopefully he’s on the mend now.

king lear

King Lear

Upon arrival it was clear that this was the perfect setting. A minimal stage with the alter lit up behind. I really enjoyed the play, I thought that Lear, Gloucester and Tom/Edgar were particularly strong in the cast. The light relief provided by the fool and Tom were performed in the boundaries of the play so as to not distract too much from Lear’s sad descent into madness and the lighting too was great at creating added atmosphere in the church. Overall I’d give it 4 stars, I think the female cast were quite weak which was disappointing when they played such a pivotal role.

As someone who’s never studied the play or seen another production I thought it was good. I’m not a critic by any means but it was something fun and interesting to do on a monday night! I’ll look out for more productions, keeping my fingers crossed for Anthony and Cleopatra which is my all time favourite Shakespeare play!