The Review: Protein World Slender Blend Trial


I found myself in a bit of a rut, I eat fairly healthily but like all people, enjoy the odd treat. I work out twice a week and walk about an hour every weekday. Not too bad, not too good. So in order to kick start my motivation and feel more confident on my recent holiday I thought I’d try the Protein World starter kit (currently 1/3 off in Superdrug). In the kit you receive a recipe book, 1 weeks worth of protein powder separated into 40g portions and 1 weeks worth of multivitamins & ‘slender blend’ pills. They recommend taking 2 shakes and 2 of each pill a day plus one meal and two small snacks.

I made my dinner meal plan based loosely on the recipe book and loaded up my shopping trolley with unsweetened almond milk and frozen berries for the rest of my ‘meals’. For breakfast I settled on frozen berries with 250 – 300ml water + 100ml almond milk and powder and it was really tasty. For lunch I struggled more because I really missed my salad, so I ended up (just for ease) having plain water or almond milk and powder usually around 1.30-2pm. For dinner then I would have something simple like salmon or chicken with little to no carbs.


The Review

It seriously helped me budge those few pounds lurking around and I now feel way more confident about the way I look. I’m also much more motivated to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating to stay looking this way. This was such an experiment and has just given me the kick start I needed to get re-motivated. I found also that I didn’t bloat, didn’t have energy crashes after lunch and generally had a nice even level of energy throughout the day which kept me motivated not only to exercise but also work during my day job.

My least favourite part of the whole experience was taking the pills, they were quite large and I found all the caffeine in these and the protein powder meant I didn’t sleep as well as I normally do. But, this pack was a complete trial for me and in terms of negative effects I don’t count this as too bad.

I definitely think I would do this again, however I’d tailor it more towards me and just skip the slender blend pills completely. Once I found what worked for me recipe wise using the protein powder, I generally enjoyed the experience and found it so easy and fuss free.

Favourite Breakfast
– 250ml water, 100ml unsweetened almond milk, handful mixed frozen berries, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Lunch
– 400ml coconut milk, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Exercise
– 30 min circuit

– Fairly immediate results
– Easy to do for short period of time
– Once I found a nice recipe, was quite tasty
– No post lunch energy slumps
– Re-motivated my interest in staying fit and healthy

– Shakes got boring
– Craved physical food
– Taking so many pills
– Not feeling in control of what I was putting in my body

In total I’ve lost 4lb in 1 week. Have you tried slender blend before, or anything similar. What did you think?