The Pre-Holiday Pamper

I’ll be doing a trip report for my recent trip to Thailand but before that I thought I’d follow up my previous post with the pre-holiday pamper routine, because, as any beauty girl can attest to the fact…that’s half the fun of going away!

FullSizeRender (4)

Exfoliate: In preparation for the faux tan, every other day, for a week before, I exfoliated with a sugar scrub from Soap & Glory. The perfect ratio of grit and moisturising oils – to save your skin getting dryer than the Sahara before you can grab the body lotion.

Hair Removal: Alternating with the exfoliation, a week before leaving, I got out the epilator. For those areas I’m too chicken to attempt with said torture device, it was a good old razor!

Moisturise: I love the Body Shop body butters, and this limited edition Virgin Mojito has to be one of my favourite scents. The perfect summer smell and wonderfully thick to keep my skin nice and moisturised especially after exfoliation and epilation.


Tan: I tanned 3 days before and again the day before I went away. My absolute favourite brand is St Moritz applied with the cheapest mitt I can find. 4 years in competitive cheerleading and I think I have the application + formula nailed. The lotion version was out of stock in my local Boots, so I picked up the mousse and dare I say I preferred it?

Mani/Pedi: I skipped the mani as I’d be on the beach and just opted for a spa pedicure at my local salon. I emerged after an hour with baby soft, beautified feet, pedicures are worth every penny for me.

Tints: 2 weeks before my departure I headed to the local Benefit Brow Bar and Arianne worked her magic. The best Benefit Brow Bar experience I’ve had to date. Then 2 days before the departure, along with my pedicure, I treated myself to some HD lashes and I’m still loving the results. Goodbye mascara.

And that’s it. I love pamper routines and this is the first time I properly organised myself and it was so much fun. So over to you friends, what are you must have pre-holiday treatments?

Caley xo



The Boots Haul

So I ran out of pretty much all my beauty essentials at the same time, cue a trip to my favourite Boots. I’ve edited out the ‘fun’ highlights like mouthwash and cotton rounds and left you with all the interesting goodies. So let’s get into it ::



Dry Shampoo – I love the Batiste tropical dry shampoo but going to try this as a change, it smells good is all I know so far. Luckily I don’t have to worry too much about the product being white as I have light hair anyway.

Tan – I cannot recommend St Moriz enough I think it’s great. I usually just go for the lotion but they had sold out so I’ll be interested to see how this mousse version fairs.

Foundation Sponge – I’ve been so interested to try out a beauty blender type product so finally took the plunge with this Real Techniques version. I’m not entirely sure I’ll have the patience every day to apply base with this but it’ll be interesting to compare this vs brush vs fingers with the same foundation.

Eye Cream – I don’t need anything fancy for my eyes at the moment, no amount of cream is going to erase my under eye circles. So I went straight the for the French pharmacy section where you find amazing skincare products that are fuss free, great value and generally fantastic.

Powder – I succumbed to the blogger/YT hype and bought this powder, my L’Oreal true match is on it’s last legs and I brought it along with me to match my shade in store.

I can’t wait to try out all these products, especially as I left the entire bag at my parents house for over a month! So it’s like I’ve bought them all over again. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts of these in upcoming posts.

Caley x

The Review: Skin Food Egg White Cleanser

The beauty world is buzzing over Korean skincare and makeup. On my trip to China this April, I picked up, among other things, the Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam cleanser. I’ve now been using it for 6 months and it’s almost finished so here are my thoughts on it.

I really enjoy using this cleanser, it lathers up unlike any cleanser I’ve ever used, it’s a thick foam that kind of reminds me of shaving cream. It doesn’t have any discernable scent and does a pretty good job at removing my makeup. But DO NOT get it in your eyes, I learnt the hard way! Egg whites are great for unclogging pores and controlling oils, therefore perfect for my combination skin.


To use I massage a 10p sized amount in my hands before stroking across my face and massaging in for a minute or so then remove with a flannel. I’m then left with squeaky clean skin. It’s gentle but I do think the formula is more suited to the summer months, as the weather is cooling off I’m finding it a little too stripping.

The shopper in me is desperate to buy a new cleanser and finish this off later. But this NEVER happens. So I’ll finish it now and move on to a Winter appropriate one when this is all gone. I do have some Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish samples so I might mix it up if my skin really starts to rebel.

I’d give this cleanser a solid 4/5, it’s great value for money (around £14) but I’ve taken a star off as this doesn’t carry me through the year and it’s darn hard to get hold of this side of the World.

Caley x

The Review: Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash

Another empty, another review. I think I’m going to make this a thing because I do love a good product review and after completely finishing a product, I really can do a decent product review for you all.

Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash

So I initially bought this because I felt my Liz Earle cleanser was sometimes a little thick and with all the creams and face masks I was using, I sometimes wanted a cleanser that really made my face feel clean. At first I really liked this foaming cleanser, it literally cut through all the grease and felt almost like a clarifying shampoo but in cleanser form.

Then I started to dislike the stripping quality of the foam so stopped using it. The ‘aloe gentle’ in the name can only be believed so far – this is a foaming cleanser and by nature will be quite stripping. After some time apart (sounds like a relationship!) I came back to this and found it a good cleanser to use in the shower to make sure my night cream was completely removed.

So overall it was a nice product once I finally found the right time to use it but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. The pump dispenser is nice and because it is foaming it really does last a long time. Even with my combination skin it was a bit stripping at times, and I think this would be the case with oily skin as well. I’m taking Caroline Hirons advice from now on and staying clear of anything foaming for my face.

Caley x

The Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

I cannot sing the praises of this foundation loudly enough. It really is fantastic, so after about a year road-testing it, I thought I’d do a little review.


It has a light/medium coverage and pretty good longevity on the face throughout the day. Generally I can get away with it all day, though some days a bit of powder after lunch wouldn’t go amis. To apply I squeeze out a pinenut sized (specific right) amount onto my finger then dot onto my face. I find that it dries quite quickly so I prefer to dot, blend with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush – then move onto the next area.

I will admit I haven’t tried a huge number of foundations, so I don’t have much base for comparison. However, I do know that this feels great on my skin, adds enough coverage but still lets my freckles etc show through. It strikes the right balance between glow giving and mattifying making it great for all day wear. As with any foundation, the better your skin – the better it looks but when I’ve been lazy it doesn’t stick to dry patches too badly.

At £30 for 30ml it’s a considered purchase. But I really think it’s worth it, I’m nearing the end of my 1st bottle and it’s lasted around a year! If you’ve saved up your Boots points and are wondering what to splurge on, what better than Chanel? The bottle is plastic (so not heavy if travelling) however the bottle is tinted so I have no idea how far down the bottle I am even if I hold it up to the light!

Caley x

The Review: Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I am so glad this product is finally finished! Not just for the satisfaction of finishing a product, but also because I really didn’t like this eye cream. It’s a no frills cream which sounded perfect for my twenty-something skin and was a fairly decent price for such a big pot (£20 for 14g). I’d also read and watched countless people rave about it – so what could go wrong?

kiehl's creamy eye treatment

Well don’t believe the hype people! I found this cream far too rich for my delicate under eye area, I also found application annoying. The product first needs to be warmed between your fingers before applying; which turns it from a thick tacky cream into a more viscous and water-like consistency. Even after warming I found this product still too heavy and difficult to tap around my eyes, to the point where the tapping hurt my skin slightly. I found that concealer and foundation slid right off and my eyelids became even less likely to keep eye shadow on for longer than an hour or two. I’ll be going back to my Clinique Even Better Eyes now this tub is finally finished. Also note to self – never buy an eye cream in a tub it’s not worth the hassle!

Caley x

The Edit: Sunday Pamper

This weekend passed by in a blur of goodness. It was one of those stay at home weekends where all those annoying little tasks are finally ticked off the to-do list and a proper pamper session takes place. I thought I’d give a run down of my current Sunday pamper products.

sunday pamper

sunday pampersunday pamper

LUSH Bubble Bar – Unicorn Horn
I’ve never been a fan of LUSH but I do like their bath bombs. The bubble bars are my favourite so my lovely boy upon passing their doors, picked me up a few. Crumble this under running water for a bubble explosion with tiny stars and glitter lacing the pinky/purple water. The smell isn’t too over powering and the bath doesn’t need a mega clean afterwards, bonus. PS. sorry if it doesn’t look perfect, I couldn’t wait to try it!!

Soap and Glory – Scrub your nose in it
This face scrub means business. There are loads of tiny exfoliating particles in this, so I buff this gently all over my face, leave on for a minute then wash off. Instant smooth skin.

Origins – Drink Up 10 Minute Mask
With a freshly scrubbed face to work with this mask is the perfect way to inject a load of moisture back in. The steam from the bath also helps this mask really sink into the pores. I left this on for my whole bath, I love the tropical fruit smell this mask has, the same as the overnight version.

Reading Fodder
This Sunday’s choice was Harpers Bazaar, I have a HUGE backlog of magazines to catch up on, hence reading the August issue now…oops. I particularly liked the article on the ladies of Downton, perfect in light of their recent NTA.

Body Shop – Honey Body Butter
Once towelled dry I slathered this body butter all over. This particular version has a really nice, subtle scent that isn’t overly sweet and sinks in while still keeping my skin moisturised for more than just a few hours.

And that’s it! Do you have any favourite Sunday pamper products?


July Favourites

I have wanted to do a ‘favourites’ post for a while but tend to not change up my products that often but lately I’ve been finishing off bottles, using up samples and have been away and so thought I would share a few things; beauty and non beauty – that I’ve been loving this past month particularly those I found I couldn’t be without whilst away.


july favourites01

1. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel – not the most glamourous of products but definitely one I was very grateful for whilst away. Great for your skin in the evening after sun exposure, especially soothing if you’ve burnt. ps don’t put it in the fridge it gets way too runny!

2. EOS lemon drop SPF15 lip balm – great lip balm and one I’ve been wanting for a while after seeing so many youtube beauty gurus go on about them. Definitely my favourite flavour as it smells like homemade lemonade.

3. Milani baked blush in dolce pink – this is a cross between a highlighter and a blusher for me so a great 2 in 1 product for when I was travelling, again something I picked up whilst I was in the USA. I love this product with a tan it just gives a nice healthy glow however being used to my Nars blush I would say this is a bit more powdery but it’s a beautiful colour.

4. Garnier BB cream – having never been a real fan of foundation no matter how many samples I try, I think BB creams are great because they’re light, moisturising and in my opinion give me the right amount of coverage. I’ll definitely be trying other brands but I was attracted to this because of the typical fresh and fruity Garnier smell.

5. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – don’t ask me where the lid has disappeared to, lost in transit, but this product is GREAT. It’s a cult product for pretty much everyone who’s tried it. It’s gentle but does an amazing job of getting rid of make up and whilst away I just used this to take it all off. It leaves my combination skin not feeling tight or greasy and got rid of all the grime built up over the day. The muslin cloth that comes with it is also the perfect amount of exfoliation to make sure your skin stays smooth without irritating.

6. Revlon Lip Butter wild watermelon – I was wary of this shade at first but it was a perfect product that was moisturising and provided more than just a hint of colour and it’s definitely easy to build up to a full kapow colour. I like this range a lot because it is so moisturising and the quilted packaging is lovely. Also tried it as a cream blush which worked nicely but use sparingly!

Non beauty:

july favourite 02

1. Candy Crush – yes I caved in….

2. Olympus SZ31MR – love this camera to death and throughout my trip and a recent graduation it’s show just how versitile and easy to use is can be. Love all the presets as well as the ability to do panoramas and play around with your own settings amongst other things. A great hybrid camera that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

3. Raspberry Arizona Iced Tea – I drunk literally gallons of this stuff whilst away and it is seriously delicious, my go to drink and always for a great price. I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll eventually make it’s way over here soon.

4. Florida Georgia Line – What You Drinking About – I’m definitely the type of person that will play the crap out of a song, I’m talking back to back repetition and this would probably be the most abused song on my ipod, particularly during those 5 + hour drives.

Let me know what have been your favourite things this month.


Elber Albaz for Lancome

I’m a huge fan of Mr Albaz and so at the news of a collaboration with Lancome coming 15th June, I got very excited, especially at the site of this self penned portrait, how cute?

source: google

I’m so very excited to see this collection and the wonderful matching packaging – who isn’t a sucker for limited edition packaging right? This is the first time the Moroccan born designer has ever ventured into this area and I’m sure every beauty guru is waiting with baited breath as to what he will come up with…purple being a potential colour theme?


Makeup therapy

So it’s Monday, I had a great weekend and when my alarm goes off at 7am, it’s still dark outside and I have the prospect of 5 whole days of work ahead of me,I’m not massively inclined to leave my bed just yet. So of course, I pressed snooze three times meaning there was no time for make up today and I’m sitting feeling like I need a balaclava to step foot out this afternoon. It got me thinking why on earth I (and I’m sure lots of other women agree) feel so naked without their ‘face’ on, like it’s some kind of war paint?

“London college of Fashion study found that 85% of women believe that wearing makeup lifts their mood on a bad day” – Emerald Street

“We use it to get attention…and also as a metaphorical mask…it can make us abandon inhibitions” – Dr Helen Nightingale


Well, if a Doctor says make up actually has deeper psychological benefits that can better your day I’ll take that. I’ll reach for my mascara and foundation knowing that I’ll be more confident and potentially have a better day. Bring on Tuesday I say.