The Review: Protein World Slender Blend Trial


I found myself in a bit of a rut, I eat fairly healthily but like all people, enjoy the odd treat. I work out twice a week and walk about an hour every weekday. Not too bad, not too good. So in order to kick start my motivation and feel more confident on my recent holiday I thought I’d try the Protein World starter kit (currently 1/3 off in Superdrug). In the kit you receive a recipe book, 1 weeks worth of protein powder separated into 40g portions and 1 weeks worth of multivitamins & ‘slender blend’ pills. They recommend taking 2 shakes and 2 of each pill a day plus one meal and two small snacks.

I made my dinner meal plan based loosely on the recipe book and loaded up my shopping trolley with unsweetened almond milk and frozen berries for the rest of my ‘meals’. For breakfast I settled on frozen berries with 250 – 300ml water + 100ml almond milk and powder and it was really tasty. For lunch I struggled more because I really missed my salad, so I ended up (just for ease) having plain water or almond milk and powder usually around 1.30-2pm. For dinner then I would have something simple like salmon or chicken with little to no carbs.


The Review

It seriously helped me budge those few pounds lurking around and I now feel way more confident about the way I look. I’m also much more motivated to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating to stay looking this way. This was such an experiment and has just given me the kick start I needed to get re-motivated. I found also that I didn’t bloat, didn’t have energy crashes after lunch and generally had a nice even level of energy throughout the day which kept me motivated not only to exercise but also work during my day job.

My least favourite part of the whole experience was taking the pills, they were quite large and I found all the caffeine in these and the protein powder meant I didn’t sleep as well as I normally do. But, this pack was a complete trial for me and in terms of negative effects I don’t count this as too bad.

I definitely think I would do this again, however I’d tailor it more towards me and just skip the slender blend pills completely. Once I found what worked for me recipe wise using the protein powder, I generally enjoyed the experience and found it so easy and fuss free.

Favourite Breakfast
– 250ml water, 100ml unsweetened almond milk, handful mixed frozen berries, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Lunch
– 400ml coconut milk, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Exercise
– 30 min circuit

– Fairly immediate results
– Easy to do for short period of time
– Once I found a nice recipe, was quite tasty
– No post lunch energy slumps
– Re-motivated my interest in staying fit and healthy

– Shakes got boring
– Craved physical food
– Taking so many pills
– Not feeling in control of what I was putting in my body

In total I’ve lost 4lb in 1 week. Have you tried slender blend before, or anything similar. What did you think?



2015 Best Moments

Following on from last week’s post, I thought I’d round up some of my top moments from 2015. I had an amazing year and I’m full of excitement for what 2016 has in store too.

2015 roundup

  • Spent quality sibling time with my brother at Harry Potter Studios
  • Visited Asia for the first time, China to be exact which was a fantastic culture shock
  • Landed a job in a huge multinational company, working with fab people and feel happier and more appreciated than ever before
  • Watch my boyfriend launch his first EP with his band
  • Met all the bae’s at London’s first Beauty Con
  • Watched one of my darling friends complete her first 10k
  • Was spoiled rotten with a dream trip for afternoon tea at Claridges
  • Made an effort to keep in touch with friends all year
  • Took Mum up to London for a fab girly weekend
  • Saw Hunter Hayes in concert
  • Purchased my dream car
  • Took a freezing cold trip up to Blackpool, missed the illuminations (doh!) but had fantastic winter break, perfect for a pre-Christmas reset.

Caley x

2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s safe to say that this year I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for New Year’s Resolutions. This year however, rather than resolutions they are lifestyle changes. With that in mind I’m not setting unrealistic expectations and I’m certainly not going to be hard on myself if something slips as long as I hold myself accountable and pick them back up quickly.


1) Health
– Be more aware of what I’m putting in my body
– Maintain weight but tone up with my weekly ballet and yoga classes plus my “7” app

2) Personal Development
– Take a creative class such as painting or photography
– Practice some sort of meditation at least once a week
– Read 12 books – I’ve signed up to audible so ‘read’ is a loose term

3) Money
– Start saving towards a house (mainly so I can get a cat!)
– Get on top of finances, know roughly what’s coming and going each month

Caley x

Afternoon Tea at Claridges

This past weekend Matthew and I took a trip to London for my belated birthday celebration. The destination? Claridges for afternoon tea!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; clear blue skies and 25 degrees, the sunshine bouncing off the intricate red brick walls and art deco doors glinting. We passed through the revolving doors, across the black and white tiled floors and into the intimate tea rooms.

littlelikes-claridges-01We were left with a small menu of over 50 teas to choose from to accompany our sandwiches and cakes. I chose a white tea with peony which was lovely and fresh, Matthew a green and black tea blend. After being poured our first cup, our sandwiches promptly arrived, cut into ridiculously precise rectangles, sans crusts of course. We took another small plate of our favourite sandwiches (chicken with lemongrass) and then found ourselves leaning further into the back of the chairs encouraging our stomachs to release some room!
littlelikes-claridges-02Next came a tray of mini scones and a tray of cakes and patisseries, so delicious. I started on the mini scones with clotted cream and the best jam I’ve ever tasted, ever! Seriously I could eat it every day and die a happy woman – that good. By the end of these we were really struggling; declining extra cups of tea from waiters and finding we couldn’t recline anymore and that our bellies were really were fit to bursting.

However as if the staff couldn’t have been more attentive, we got speaking to a waiter and ended up talking about how we couldn’t get a table close to my birthday, but we still made it down. So he disappeared and reappeared with a darling lemon cheesecake complete with candle. So of course I managed to find some space for that.


So we left with our cakes in little boxes ready to devour at home. *drool*. Everything about this experience was perfect, if you have the chance and don’t mind spending that sort of money then definitely give it a go. I honestly thought it was worth every penny and I’m already planning my trip back, next time for lunch.

Caley x

ps. Please excuse the blurry photos, I didn’t want to spend too much of my time getting photos but rather soak up every second of the experience.

The Roundup: May 2015

It’s the start of June which means it’s favourites time. Here I’m rounding up what I’ve been loving and what’s been making me happy this month.

      Makeup – I’ve used the Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara for years. It’s cheap and does a great job at plumping my lashes. I find it easy to build up from a natural every day right look through to ‘woah-there’ volume for night. I already have a backup on hand because mascara is the one item of makeup I couldn’t be without.

Skincare – This Skin Food Egg White Foam Cleaner has the most unique texture, it almost feels like shaving foam but leaves my skin feeling clean not stripped. I look forward to using this every evening and my skin has been thanking me for it.

Haircare – My hair gets easily weighed down but also needs conditioning, enter the miraculous Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioning Foam. I use this on towel dried hair through the mid-lengths and ends then brush it through to disperse evenly. The foam makes sure my hair isn’t weighed down but the leave-in conditioning element makes sure my hair still gets the moisture it needs. Plus it smells like banana nesquik…heaven.

Fashion – I have not taken this sleeveless jumper from Next off. Having doubts as to when I’d wear this I’ve been finding it perfect for the on-off British weather and it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Home – I made the mistake of heading off to Homesense with no shopping list in mind, luckily I was well behaved and only came out with 2 items. 1 being this gorgeous battered metal side table, it was love at first sight.

Random – I’ve been addicted to watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix this month. Limiting myself to one episode a night has been a struggle but there are 5 series so I’ve got a way to go yet.

What have you been loving this month?

Caley x

Beauty Con London 2015

Last Saturday Emma and I trotted up to London for the day for the first ever Beauty Con London. We had a vague idea of what and who we wanted to see beforehand so after a seamless entry and ticket collection we headed straight to our first meet & greet with the wonderful Estée.

Caley & Estee Beauty Con London
Next we had time for a spot of shopping in the QVC for Tarte area, I got my hands on their Amazonian Clay blushes for just £10! Then onto the Beautiful Inside + Out panel featuring all my favourite bloggers and YouTubers. After lunch and a rest of the feet – serious museum feet were kicking in already – we went to Liz Earle. Their stand was amazing and that’s not just because of all the freebies! They had a beautiful beach theme complete with rowing boats, grasses and pebbles. Waiters wandered around with platters of cookies and lemonade, whilst the Liz Earle girls gave out sample sizes for those who instagrammed and tweeted. I really think the Liz Earle PR team did an amazing job that day, it was such a fun little experience.

Liz Earle Beauty Con London

source: Liz Earle twitter

Caley, Suzie & Alix - Beauty Con London

After another panel and more meet & greets with Suzie, AlixAnna, Lily, Becky and Holly (phewph) it was gone 4pm and time to head home. The day whizzed by but I had such a great time and I look forward to seeing who will be there next year. Everyone who I was lucky enough to meet were so amazing, it was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented and beautiful women.

Caley, Anna & Lily - Beauty Con LondonCaley, Becky & Holly - Beauty Con London

Oh and for those wondering I purchased the “general admission” ticket in their 50% off flash sale which I think worked out to be a good price for the event.

Caley x

The Review: King Lear

On Monday night the boy and I trundled off to the Holy Trinity Church for a production of King Lear by the Guildford Shakespeare Company. Lured in by Brian Blessed in the cast, we decided to give the play a go, neither having read it nor studied it previously. Unfortunately Brian had to pull out a week before due to health reasons which was such a shame but hopefully he’s on the mend now.

king lear

King Lear

Upon arrival it was clear that this was the perfect setting. A minimal stage with the alter lit up behind. I really enjoyed the play, I thought that Lear, Gloucester and Tom/Edgar were particularly strong in the cast. The light relief provided by the fool and Tom were performed in the boundaries of the play so as to not distract too much from Lear’s sad descent into madness and the lighting too was great at creating added atmosphere in the church. Overall I’d give it 4 stars, I think the female cast were quite weak which was disappointing when they played such a pivotal role.

As someone who’s never studied the play or seen another production I thought it was good. I’m not a critic by any means but it was something fun and interesting to do on a monday night! I’ll look out for more productions, keeping my fingers crossed for Anthony and Cleopatra which is my all time favourite Shakespeare play!


The City Break: Liverpool

This year, the boy and I decided to mark our anniversary with some time off work and a trip up to Liverpool. Recently falling hard under the Beatles spell we mainly went for the uber touristy spots for our first trip, but another is definitely on the cards.

Day 1 : Driving from Surrey took around 4 hours on a late Sunday morning and after checking into our hotel we headed straight out. This day we used to get our bearings, scope out some restaurants and get to know the city. First thing we did was head for Sunday lunch at The Restaurant Bar & Grill. I have to say this is one of the best restaurant roasts I’ve ever eaten; we ordered lamb for 2 which came on a board so we could carve it ourselves alongside all the trimmings and an extra gravy boat. All for £25!

cavern club wall

Day 2: Pret a Manger for breakfast (almond croissant always) and then onto the docks. We’d pre-booked our Beatles Story tickets beforehand and went straight in, head-phones on and into the Beatles world. I thought the museum was well done lots of “sets” to put you in the mood and plenty of audio information telling the Beatles Story. After lunch we headed back across the docks to the bus stop for the Magical Mystery Tour which again we’d pre-booked. I felt some of the locations they were really clutching at straws and with a full coach of people there wasn’t as much information passed on as I’d hoped. I’m glad I saw some of the sites but I think opting for the Fab Four Taxi Tours would give a better experience.  A quick traipse around the shops and then out for a mega dinner at Byron; burgers, onion rings, chips, dip, beer, the lot. After that, The Cavern Club. We enjoyed a live music set from a Paul McCartney tribute act with a pint. It was a great atmosphere with everyone singing along, dancing and cramming in against the graffiti walls. A great round off to the day.

magical mystery tour

liverpool docks

liverpool docks

liverpool docks

Day 3: Moose Coffee for breakfast which was delicious and had great decor. We then walked away from the docks towards the galleries and into the Walker Art Museum mainly to look at the Stuart Sutcliffe painting on show. The building was beautiful weather was perfect for mid November. Next we headed towards Ye Crake for a drink, Gambier Terrace to see Jon and Stuart’s old apartment opposite the Anglican Cathedral and finally a walk into the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral with multicoloured modern glass. It reminded me a lot of St Mary’s church in San Francisco.


liverpool cathedtral

We were both so impressed with Liverpool, there’s a fantastic mix of things to do even if you’re not a Beatles fan and we can’t wait to go back. Below I’ve listed all the key places we went to and rated them, in case you were interested.

Beatles Experience 4.5*
Magical Mystery Tour 3*
Cavern Club 5*
Ye Cracke 2*
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 3*
Walker Art Museum 3.5*

Premier Inn (Moorfields) 5*
The Restaurant Bar & Grill 5*
Byron 5*
Moose Coffee 4*


Welcoming the Festive Period

Now being December I’ve officially allowed myself to embrace the festive season, I will admit the odd Christmas tune crept into my playlists before now but on the whole November was decidedly Autumnal and nothing else.

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

Now of course Christmas Cupcake has been lit, fairy lights have been strung, my summer wardrobe has finally been put away and my tiny stack of presents have been wrapped to the crooning of Mr NKC. And before you all hate me for having shopped and wrapped everything already, I’m moving next week and starting a new job, much more to worry about and I might explode!


I’m looking forward to my life becoming cosier and sparklier whilst indulging in limited edition Christmas foods like my favourite Rekorderlig best enjoyed warm of course.

What are your favourite things to greet the festive season with?