Trip Report :: Lytham StAnne’s

At the end of last year the boyfriend and I took a trip up to Blackpool to see some of his family. We only had a few days but made the most of it by seeing as many things as possible. I’ll be breaking up this trip report into two parts, starting with Lytham StAnne’s which is just outside Blackpool.

We headed out early for breakfast in Lytham then wandered around the small boutiques, finishing off in a branch of the famous Booths where everything was gearing up for Christmas.

blackpool_lytham_stannes_01 blackpool_lytham_stannes_02 blackpool_lytham_stannes_03

Later we drove back towards Blackpool to St Anne’s wandering around the charity shops bagging a few records and stumbling upon an antiques warehouse full of wonders. A late lunch at the Olive Tree Brasserie and then a final stop at the Lytham Windmill and there ended our day. It was wonderfully relaxing to wander around and explore, eat good food and be suitably blown around by the Northern air!

blackpool_lytham_stannes_04 blackpool_lytham_stannes_05

Caley x


Breakfast and Memorial Gardens

Sometimes nothing beats exploring around places near where you live, which is exactly what Matt and I did this past weekend. To start off though, we were celebrating some great news I received at work and decided nothing said celebration like breakfast out. We decided on Carluccio’s; I had toasted panetone, a latte and freshly pressed apple juice and Matt an eggs benedict and mocha.

While it was perfectly fine it definitely didn’t blow me away, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect breakfast spot. Too many options have eggs and I really can’t stand them!


After breakfast we took the quick drive to visit the recently re-modeled site of some local war graves. After years of vandalism the graves themselves were moved but the beautiful red brick walls remained. Years later a group of volunteers got together to create a Memorial garden. Through the double gates, the infinity pool leads the eye forward to the simple memorial at the far end. Perfectly calm and quiet, despite being just meters away from a main road. The team really did a fantastic job and it’s a lovely place for quiet reflection and to honor those fallen. I hope to revisit in the Summer when everything has had a chance fill in a little and the flowers are blooming.






Have you been anywhere wonderful that’s just on your doorstep?

Caley x


2015 Best Moments

Following on from last week’s post, I thought I’d round up some of my top moments from 2015. I had an amazing year and I’m full of excitement for what 2016 has in store too.

2015 roundup

  • Spent quality sibling time with my brother at Harry Potter Studios
  • Visited Asia for the first time, China to be exact which was a fantastic culture shock
  • Landed a job in a huge multinational company, working with fab people and feel happier and more appreciated than ever before
  • Watch my boyfriend launch his first EP with his band
  • Met all the bae’s at London’s first Beauty Con
  • Watched one of my darling friends complete her first 10k
  • Was spoiled rotten with a dream trip for afternoon tea at Claridges
  • Made an effort to keep in touch with friends all year
  • Took Mum up to London for a fab girly weekend
  • Saw Hunter Hayes in concert
  • Purchased my dream car
  • Took a freezing cold trip up to Blackpool, missed the illuminations (doh!) but had fantastic winter break, perfect for a pre-Christmas reset.

Caley x

Afternoon Tea at Claridges

This past weekend Matthew and I took a trip to London for my belated birthday celebration. The destination? Claridges for afternoon tea!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; clear blue skies and 25 degrees, the sunshine bouncing off the intricate red brick walls and art deco doors glinting. We passed through the revolving doors, across the black and white tiled floors and into the intimate tea rooms.

littlelikes-claridges-01We were left with a small menu of over 50 teas to choose from to accompany our sandwiches and cakes. I chose a white tea with peony which was lovely and fresh, Matthew a green and black tea blend. After being poured our first cup, our sandwiches promptly arrived, cut into ridiculously precise rectangles, sans crusts of course. We took another small plate of our favourite sandwiches (chicken with lemongrass) and then found ourselves leaning further into the back of the chairs encouraging our stomachs to release some room!
littlelikes-claridges-02Next came a tray of mini scones and a tray of cakes and patisseries, so delicious. I started on the mini scones with clotted cream and the best jam I’ve ever tasted, ever! Seriously I could eat it every day and die a happy woman – that good. By the end of these we were really struggling; declining extra cups of tea from waiters and finding we couldn’t recline anymore and that our bellies were really were fit to bursting.

However as if the staff couldn’t have been more attentive, we got speaking to a waiter and ended up talking about how we couldn’t get a table close to my birthday, but we still made it down. So he disappeared and reappeared with a darling lemon cheesecake complete with candle. So of course I managed to find some space for that.


So we left with our cakes in little boxes ready to devour at home. *drool*. Everything about this experience was perfect, if you have the chance and don’t mind spending that sort of money then definitely give it a go. I honestly thought it was worth every penny and I’m already planning my trip back, next time for lunch.

Caley x

ps. Please excuse the blurry photos, I didn’t want to spend too much of my time getting photos but rather soak up every second of the experience.

Victoria Revealed, Kensington Palace

A few weeks back I went to visit Kensington Palace, sadly no royal spottings, but after having recently been refurbished I have to say they did an amazing job. My favourite exhibit was the one about Queen Victoria called Victoria Revealed; documenting her life growing up, finding then losing love and being surrounded by grand children in her old age.

The exhibit was directed from room to room with the help of snippets from her diary, her beautiful cursive writing is littered throughout – from projections on the wall, etched across mirrors and hidden in desk drawers that really make the whole experience that more personal. Through her diary entries Victoria comes across as delicate and feminine, passionate and very loving – her romance with Albert is almost akin to the story of Romeo and Juliet in the way she portrays it.

kensington palace collage

Of course it glosses over Abdul Karim’s role in her later life but overall I thought it was really interesting and a different angle than that usually portrayed of her dressed in black and with only a sour look to give. If you have the change to visit make sure you do and afterwards you can enjoy Hyde Park which is never a hardship at anytime of the year.



My pinterest feed has lately been littered with my postings of roadtrip-esq photos which I guess means I’m subconsciously craving a little trip, perhaps up to Liverpool for a Beatles tour and some shopping or what I’m really fancying; a trip to Brittany. A few days in a caravan with some good friends, food and wine to make the most of the last days of summer. What are you wishing you could do in these last days before summer?

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Hand Luggage Essentials

I have recently been travelling around the USA and there are a number of things I had to become a pro at and that was namely packing. In 6 weeks I went on a total of 5 flights and this post is dedicated to what I like to pack in my hand luggage. This trip also opened my eyes to how much people want to bring as hand luggage, HUGE suitcases that on an entire flight they don’t touch…put it in your main luggage people and actually leave some space in the over head bins for my tiny backpack. Ok rant over, below are my essentials!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 18.56.07

  • my darling iPad 1 – filled with music, films, podcasts and books – space and weight saving
  • a pen, or rather several pens just in case you lose one – important for all those documents you need to fill out and sudoku!
  • hand sanitiser
  • snack – my favourites were clif bars, as they filled me up and tasted delicious
  • travel pillow
  • over ear headphones – to cancel out some of the plane noise
  • pashmina – to double as a blanket
  • cath kidston travel document holder – all my stuff in one place and easy to see in my bag
  • aztec fabric backpack – looking a bit sorry for itself now!


And that’s all, I never felt like I wanted more and it meant I didn’t have back ache from carrying so much 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you like to bring with you on your plane trips.


Capturing Magic

It’s nearly 2 months since I departed on my first Disney World trip and the Disney magic has certainly not abated since I’ve been home and one thing that has stuck in my mind in addition to all my wonderful memories is the Capturing Magic podcast. This is a great show that focuses on different ways in which to capture and share magical disney moments and non-disney moments alike. I’ve edited my pics and videos but I’ve yet to create them into something great and this show is a great tool to use for ideas, tips as well as their blog.



I’m a big fan of podcasts anyway but I usually grow tired but there are so many mini themes within the show from Minnie’s to Pinning to hour long shows that there’s enough to keep me listening and looking forward to the next episode. Now back from Disney I can’t wait to go again but in the meantime this is a great way to keep a little more Disney in my life…which is never a bad thing.

In other news my thoughts go out to those in Oklahoma affected by the recent tornado, I stumbled upon this amazingly heartwarming video that has been trending in the last few hours, make sure you check it out.


City Eats Posters

Here are some beauties, gliding over the fact these are mostly american, I love the typography of these posters and seeing as I shall be travelling to many of these cities I thought I’d collate them, remember them and eat them when I get there! Let’s see how many I can cross off my list. And YES, when it’s cold and raining I start planning the inane details of my trip as some sort of mental getaway.

For the full series, check out Roni Lagin’s website where you can buy prints, postcards and tees etc. Thoroughly hungry now, I’m going on a cupboard 5 o’clock munchies raid!


It’s decided

So my boy and I have finally decided our travel plans and I’m so excited. Everything seems much more real, tangible and my dream adventure is finally going to actually happen! I’m sure a lot of my posts will now be america-travels related, so apologies in advance for that, but I’m too excited and with little else to occupy myself that will almost certainly be the inspiration behind a majority my little likes! My grandma has lent me a book on American history from the 1950’s and told me lots of stories from when she was living out there which has gotten me even further inspired. June 2013 here i come!

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