The Boots Haul

So I ran out of pretty much all my beauty essentials at the same time, cue a trip to my favourite Boots. I’ve edited out the ‘fun’ highlights like mouthwash and cotton rounds and left you with all the interesting goodies. So let’s get into it ::



Dry Shampoo – I love the Batiste tropical dry shampoo but going to try this as a change, it smells good is all I know so far. Luckily I don’t have to worry too much about the product being white as I have light hair anyway.

Tan – I cannot recommend St Moriz enough I think it’s great. I usually just go for the lotion but they had sold out so I’ll be interested to see how this mousse version fairs.

Foundation Sponge – I’ve been so interested to try out a beauty blender type product so finally took the plunge with this Real Techniques version. I’m not entirely sure I’ll have the patience every day to apply base with this but it’ll be interesting to compare this vs brush vs fingers with the same foundation.

Eye Cream – I don’t need anything fancy for my eyes at the moment, no amount of cream is going to erase my under eye circles. So I went straight the for the French pharmacy section where you find amazing skincare products that are fuss free, great value and generally fantastic.

Powder – I succumbed to the blogger/YT hype and bought this powder, my L’Oreal true match is on it’s last legs and I brought it along with me to match my shade in store.

I can’t wait to try out all these products, especially as I left the entire bag at my parents house for over a month! So it’s like I’ve bought them all over again. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts of these in upcoming posts.

Caley x


Is it Fall yet?

It’s a terrible thought that I have, but come mid august I’m bored of the summer of broken ‘good weather’ promises and ready to move into autumn or fall as my american friends call it (which incidentally I prefer).  I know I know, who wishes away summer, but come on folks of the UK, you know what I’m talking about. It’s been barely worth the effort of window shopping online for that summer wardrobe! So a few weeks early I’ve decided to look into what it is exactly it is that makes me so excited for the fall.

Pumpkin everything – cookies, muffins, lattes, decor – you name it!

Boots – cosy socks poking out the top

Trees – turning through yellow, orange, brown and then dropping ready to step on all crunchy

Layering – pretty camis and light knit cardis

Fall colours – olive, burgundy, gold, grey, orange

source: 1.essie – going incognito, 2.pinterest,, 4.pinterest

and…being able to use one of my all time favourite words; COSY. I love to be cosy, I was born to be cosy!

Perhaps another spark for this fall excitement is now having an office job, if it’s fall I know I definitely won’t be missing out on any good weather, plus that air con is on so harshly it feels basically like i’m there already. What are your favourite things about autumn/fall?


Online on the Highstreet

I found an interesting article on BoF (which I just discovered) and thought I’d post about it whilst also flagging up the blog at the same time. So many articles you read about highstreets and malls getting lower and lower foot fall ratings yet, as this article points out, when you think about it there is also an, albeit it small, migration of the online retailers back into the highstreet. Interestingly they keep hype up by producing well publicised ‘pop-up shops’ for a ‘limited time only’.

I’ve always found the downside of buying (clothes prodominantly) online is that you can’t try before you buy. My body doesn’t seem to agree with the way clothes are being sized these days and as such I’ve apparently been shrinking since the age of 18 — not the case I’m scrupulous in knowing my measurements and I haven’t budged an inch anywhere in 4 years! So to me this migration of online to highstreet is great, however what does that mean for the staple highstreet stores, we’ve already seen most of them appear online, such is the apparent trend, so it seems only fair and reasonable online needs to come out of cyber space and into our town centres.

My favourite online to highstreet migration has been Models Own, not the little section in Boots but the pop up stores in malls such as Westfield, whoever came up with the design for those mini shops deserves a medal, they’re so in keeping with the brand and you know exactly who they are and what they’re all about just from the outside of the shop, what more could you want?! If other online brands can be just as successful as this then I’m all for the migration!

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To read the full article click HERE