Breakfast and Memorial Gardens

Sometimes nothing beats exploring around places near where you live, which is exactly what Matt and I did this past weekend. To start off though, we were celebrating some great news I received at work and decided nothing said celebration like breakfast out. We decided on Carluccio’s; I had toasted panetone, a latte and freshly pressed apple juice and Matt an eggs benedict and mocha.

While it was perfectly fine it definitely didn’t blow me away, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect breakfast spot. Too many options have eggs and I really can’t stand them!


After breakfast we took the quick drive to visit the recently re-modeled site of some local war graves. After years of vandalism the graves themselves were moved but the beautiful red brick walls remained. Years later a group of volunteers got together to create a Memorial garden. Through the double gates, the infinity pool leads the eye forward to the simple memorial at the far end. Perfectly calm and quiet, despite being just meters away from a main road. The team really did a fantastic job and it’s a lovely place for quiet reflection and to honor those fallen. I hope to revisit in the Summer when everything has had a chance fill in a little and the flowers are blooming.






Have you been anywhere wonderful that’s just on your doorstep?

Caley x



Great Day

I am literally having such a great day today. It’s friday yes which means everyone is itching for home time and ready to get on with a weekend of sweat pants, boxsets and copious cups of tea. For the first time since restarting work I have gotten up with enough time to actually get ready, put my face on as well as tidy my room..heavens above. I even had time enough to prance around to dance around to this:

Exercise done, endorphines relseased, I really am off to a good start. So stumblind upons this picture on pinterest (where else) it just summer up my mood today, all I’m short of is a waterfall to play around in. Literally the cutest picture though. Hope you too are having an amazing Friday 2nd!!

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Cosy Cosy Cosy

So I mentioned a few posts ago, my favourite thing ever is to be cosy. So being a massive nerd I looked up the definition: adjective meaning snuggly, warm and comfortable. Fabosh those are my favourite words! The stimulus behind this post is a few days back at work I had to call someone who’s whole business was centred around the concept of snuggling for therapy. Now as a business concept this creeps the hell out of me, but the idea behind it not so much. I completely agree that physical contact makes you feel better and more connected (unless it’s from someone creepy), too many days without some sort of affection and I’m getting down! So cuddle up people and with the cold and wet weather creeping up on us already, there’s even more reason to! Below are some of my favourite cosy snuggly pictures, Happy Snuggling!!

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