Small World

This is a little more work related but I thought i’d post this article talking about a ComScore score report, which basically shows that online, Google and Facebook rule the world. Yes congratulations everyone already knew that. But thinking about it I can’t imagine my life without either. Google has become a verb, one which I seem to use with increasing frequency, I want to know the answer to something I’ll “google it” and if Google doesn’t have the answer, well then I don’t know what to do with myself, nah, i’m joking. I give up! As for Facebook, I follow my friends, I follow companies, I stalk, I procrastinate, I have no idea what really makes facebook as addictive as it is but I for one can’t stop myself wanting to check every hour or so. This is a random link but I think back to times gone by, Jane Austin type era and how nosey they all were about each other’s lives, how much they gossiped,┬ábut really and truly we haven’t changed one bit, if anything we’re worse just now we do it sneakily, in our own time, solo and online!

Anyways, I thought this article was interesting and the diagrams nicely lay out the data which basically makes me feel a little less guilty about being online as much as I am and on these particular sites, because from what I can see…pretty much the whole rest of the world is doing it as well!

It’s A Small World After All


and yes I googled this article and picture!