Indigo Grey Booties

I first spied the Isabel Marant ‘Dicker’ boots on Jules and fell instantly in love. They have been in my memory bank ever since and after having to part ways with my beloved sand coloured stud boots there was a hole in my wardrobe for a grey/sand ankle boot. Enter these M&S Indigo beauties.



They’ve lost the subtle country and western detailing and the heel shape of the I.M versions, but otherwise I think they’re a darn good match. They’re neutral enough to go with basically everything and currently I’m wearing them either with jeans or tights and a dress, but I can’t wait to rock them with cut offs or flowing summer dresses. Being M&S, they’re well made, really comfortable and true to size.

For some fab style inspo head over to Jules’ blog ::

Caley x


My Millie Favs

Now even if you’re not a fan of Made in Chelsea you can’t deny that Millie Mackintosh has style. I personally love the show and her, she has amazing style, great makeup, great hair… I feel a girl crush coming on. Her website has a look book section which is one of my favourite things to click on each day. Below are 3 of my favourite looks from over the past few months and with Monsoon’s latest edition of those 2 beautiful jacket I’m getting inspired to channel my inner Millie by getting one.



Which is your favourite look?


Chloe Banshee Boots

These boots are beautiful.

source: selfridges

From the ever wonderful Chloe who first broke into my fashion scene at school with the Paddington bag, still haven’t got one. As spring really and truly has yet to fully spring, these boots are still wearable right now and choosing the grey colour allows one to categorise them with spring pastels and picture them with floral tea dresses when in actual fact we’re still reaching for black skinnies!


Valentino Garavani

In light of my going to the Valentino Exhibit at Somerset House this past weekend, I thought it fitting to write a little post about this wonderful Italian.

Growing up in Italy he developed an interest in fashion very early on and upon moving to France with his mother this was only to increase in fervency. Whilst there he interned at Jean Desses, sketching in between showing around clients however in 1959 after some disagreement he decided to return to Rome. There he began his own label and his fashion house very much resembled those of Paris, his dresses became famous, particularly the red, which soon became known in the industry as ‘Valentino Red’.

source: aceshowbiz

In early 1960’s he by chance met Giancarlo Giammetti, who ended up being his best friend and now his partner. After some persuasion Giammetti left his architectural university course and became a partner in the firm. Valentino’s international debut in 1962 in Florence, led him, by the mid 60’s, to be considered a Master of Italian Couture, winning several awards as well as endorsements but the most chic people of the time; Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Margaret to name a few.

“It is very, very simple, I like my girls to look sensational”

By the 80s the brand was huge, everyone had heard of ‘Va Va” as Elizabeth Taylor affectionately called him however by the late naughties both Valentino and Giammetti felt that the brand was becoming bigger than just a family brand and not what they wanted, so come the beginning of 2008, Valentino sold and retired.

I loved the exhibit and I thoroughly encourage everyone to go and see if they can before it closes. I learnt so much and it was wonderfully laid out; you were the ‘catwalk’ and the models were the audience and you had the opportunity to get so close to the gowns…as close as I’ll ever get to couture I’m sure! So hurry hurry along, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

source: idolmagazine


Golden Globes 2013

Now yes I’m jumping on the band wagon yet again; which was your favourite look? Which? Tell me which? That every magazine and website seems to be asking, so to answer them all (because they’ve been waiting my thoughts) below are my favourite looks, I couldn’t pick one.

The ever beautiful Jessica Alba wearing Oscar De La Renta and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior;

source: popsugar

Source: entertainmentweekly

Some kind of coral theme going on here for me…and there’s none in my wardrobe, time to look into rectifying that. Be sure to let me know which look was your favourite?


Christmas Pudding Shoes

These shoes, are without a doubt the best Christmas shoes you’re likely to see. Yes, realistically our Christmas shoes are more likely to be sparkly than pudding themed, but they really are great. Of course such a creation comes from the wonderful Charlotte Olympia who also brought out my favourite cat loafers; I love how fun her designs are they never fail to make me smile, just like the little beauties below did. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas Pudding so may be investing in these would be my way of showing willing?!



Good on ya Will

Felicitaciones to the Royal couple William and Catherine who last night announced they were pregnant. Now yes I’m jumping on the bandwagon a bit but I just can’t resist and before I grow tired of the rumors and constant updates I’m going to enjoy it, I’m imagining channel 4 will have enough material on the story by next week to make an hour long programme on it! Below is a picture of one of my favourite dresses Kate has worn… Prabal Gurun from the first day of her Royal Tour, you can find out more info on it on the Kate Middleton Style Blog.



One can only hope that the little kid inherits Kate’s hair and not Will’s eh?!


Goodbye November, Hello Christmas Jumper

Happy Friday everyone. Yes it has been a million years since I posted *slapped wrist* I’m bad.

Feeling all woman-flu-ey I decided to crack on and start posting again. With word that my continually extended temporary contract may finally be drawing to a close at the end of next month, it’s looking like I may have some time on my hands, or at least for a week. So what better way to re-start than to blogging about CHRISTMAS, because really…it’s not that far away, seriously guys 24 days. No matter how much planning I do, Christmas just creeps up on me faster and faster every year. The weather too has taken a turn for the worse…floods now frost. So who doesn’t want to read a post about staying warm and looking chic? The lovely people at SheerLuxe compiled these 3 outfits from this super cute Moschino Christmas jumper and made it look grown up and sassy.



My favourite? No 3. Did you see that jacket?!


ACNE sloan shirt

Now I dunno what it is, but I’m in love with this ACNE shirt; the colour, the cut, everything. I wanna wear it with tight black leather trousers and a gold spike necklace and some killer black shoe boots. Unfortunately I have neither the skin tone nor the money to get this, but it’s still so pretty to look at! Adding it to my pinterest “in your dreams woman” board!



I <3 Fall

So I’ve been seeing so many tags on youtube recently that I decided to recreate my favourite one on here and share with everyone the I ❤ Fall tag. Let me know what your answers would be.


Sources: wiki; googleimages;; googleimages

Questions & Answers

1. Favorite fall lip color? Max Factor Lip Finity pens in 03 a nice raspberry colour that lasts for ages and doesn’t transfer.

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish? OPI A-Zurich a firm favourite for ages now, my toes wouldn’t know what happened to them if I didn’t have this in my collection. 

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall drink? New this season in the UK – PSL although I can only get a tall any more and I’m on a sugar/caffine mixed rush and that would not be pleasant for anyone. 

4. Favorite Fall candle? Cinnamon Roll Yankee Candle

5. Favorite fall scarf or accessory? Red tartan scarf from Urban Outfitters

6. Haunted House, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze? I hate anything scary so I chose something with a unicorn instead! That allowed?!

7. Favorite Halloween movie? I’m not a massive fan of halloween at all (sorry guys!) so instead I picked a movie I’m loving at the moment called The Lucky One, so sad and romantic and….well it has Zac in it. 

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? Caramel Apple Pops

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? My bf and I are going as Mary Poppins and Bert

10. What is your favorite thing about fall? All the beautiful autumnal colours on the trees, I love going for walks all bundled up (in my tartan scarf of course)