2015 Best Moments

Following on from last week’s post, I thought I’d round up some of my top moments from 2015. I had an amazing year and I’m full of excitement for what 2016 has in store too.

2015 roundup

  • Spent quality sibling time with my brother at Harry Potter Studios
  • Visited Asia for the first time, China to be exact which was a fantastic culture shock
  • Landed a job in a huge multinational company, working with fab people and feel happier and more appreciated than ever before
  • Watch my boyfriend launch his first EP with his band
  • Met all the bae’s at London’s first Beauty Con
  • Watched one of my darling friends complete her first 10k
  • Was spoiled rotten with a dream trip for afternoon tea at Claridges
  • Made an effort to keep in touch with friends all year
  • Took Mum up to London for a fab girly weekend
  • Saw Hunter Hayes in concert
  • Purchased my dream car
  • Took a freezing cold trip up to Blackpool, missed the illuminations (doh!) but had fantastic winter break, perfect for a pre-Christmas reset.

Caley x


2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s safe to say that this year I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for New Year’s Resolutions. This year however, rather than resolutions they are lifestyle changes. With that in mind I’m not setting unrealistic expectations and I’m certainly not going to be hard on myself if something slips as long as I hold myself accountable and pick them back up quickly.


1) Health
– Be more aware of what I’m putting in my body
– Maintain weight but tone up with my weekly ballet and yoga classes plus my “7” app

2) Personal Development
– Take a creative class such as painting or photography
– Practice some sort of meditation at least once a week
– Read 12 books – I’ve signed up to audible so ‘read’ is a loose term

3) Money
– Start saving towards a house (mainly so I can get a cat!)
– Get on top of finances, know roughly what’s coming and going each month

Caley x

Afternoon Tea at Claridges

This past weekend Matthew and I took a trip to London for my belated birthday celebration. The destination? Claridges for afternoon tea!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; clear blue skies and 25 degrees, the sunshine bouncing off the intricate red brick walls and art deco doors glinting. We passed through the revolving doors, across the black and white tiled floors and into the intimate tea rooms.

littlelikes-claridges-01We were left with a small menu of over 50 teas to choose from to accompany our sandwiches and cakes. I chose a white tea with peony which was lovely and fresh, Matthew a green and black tea blend. After being poured our first cup, our sandwiches promptly arrived, cut into ridiculously precise rectangles, sans crusts of course. We took another small plate of our favourite sandwiches (chicken with lemongrass) and then found ourselves leaning further into the back of the chairs encouraging our stomachs to release some room!
littlelikes-claridges-02Next came a tray of mini scones and a tray of cakes and patisseries, so delicious. I started on the mini scones with clotted cream and the best jam I’ve ever tasted, ever! Seriously I could eat it every day and die a happy woman – that good. By the end of these we were really struggling; declining extra cups of tea from waiters and finding we couldn’t recline anymore and that our bellies were really were fit to bursting.

However as if the staff couldn’t have been more attentive, we got speaking to a waiter and ended up talking about how we couldn’t get a table close to my birthday, but we still made it down. So he disappeared and reappeared with a darling lemon cheesecake complete with candle. So of course I managed to find some space for that.


So we left with our cakes in little boxes ready to devour at home. *drool*. Everything about this experience was perfect, if you have the chance and don’t mind spending that sort of money then definitely give it a go. I honestly thought it was worth every penny and I’m already planning my trip back, next time for lunch.

Caley x

ps. Please excuse the blurry photos, I didn’t want to spend too much of my time getting photos but rather soak up every second of the experience.

Salvation for the Schlump

A good graciously long day and one which caffeine was my only solution. I have never been a morning coffee person and certainly not a morning person either. My coffee kick become necessary roughly 10 mins after I’ve finished my lunch time sandwiches. On the dot. 10 minutes later. My body is ready for an amazing nap. Unfortunately for me, and most working folk, my office does not have a nap area (though some offices do might I add!). So coffee is the ‘salvation for the schlump’…hmm…perhaps that could be my cafe’s slogan?!

 This wonderful picture of a Paris cafe is where I imagine myself popping to and sitting at as sip by sip my brain is hauled back into normality. What a beautiful view and perfect for people watching.

source: pinterest

That and the bracing wind that faces me on the walk back to the office!



Ok, so this is more than a LittleLike, this is a right out, full on LOVE.

It’s the CTFxC.

source: forhumanpeoples.com

If you haven’t heard of it (tsk tsk – they’re the 3rd most subscribed to channel) they are a daily vlog channel following the lives of Charles and Alli Trippy as well as their dogs Zoe and Marley. I started watching about a year ago but they’ve been vlogging every day of their lives since 1st May 2009! The vlogs have followed them through a proposal, warped tour, house moving, the wedding and so much more. The show has that special something that makes it so addictive. I love finding out what they got up to each day and makes me pine for living in America again and who wouldn’t want to live in Tampa where even yesterday they were still in t-shirts! Charles and Alli really are so loveable and down to earth which makes it so addictive, so if you haven’t already make sure you check them out they really are great 🙂

What youtubers are you addicted to watching?