The Boots Haul

So I ran out of pretty much all my beauty essentials at the same time, cue a trip to my favourite Boots. I’ve edited out the ‘fun’ highlights like mouthwash and cotton rounds and left you with all the interesting goodies. So let’s get into it ::



Dry Shampoo – I love the Batiste tropical dry shampoo but going to try this as a change, it smells good is all I know so far. Luckily I don’t have to worry too much about the product being white as I have light hair anyway.

Tan – I cannot recommend St Moriz enough I think it’s great. I usually just go for the lotion but they had sold out so I’ll be interested to see how this mousse version fairs.

Foundation Sponge – I’ve been so interested to try out a beauty blender type product so finally took the plunge with this Real Techniques version. I’m not entirely sure I’ll have the patience every day to apply base with this but it’ll be interesting to compare this vs brush vs fingers with the same foundation.

Eye Cream – I don’t need anything fancy for my eyes at the moment, no amount of cream is going to erase my under eye circles. So I went straight the for the French pharmacy section where you find amazing skincare products that are fuss free, great value and generally fantastic.

Powder – I succumbed to the blogger/YT hype and bought this powder, my L’Oreal true match is on it’s last legs and I brought it along with me to match my shade in store.

I can’t wait to try out all these products, especially as I left the entire bag at my parents house for over a month! So it’s like I’ve bought them all over again. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts of these in upcoming posts.

Caley x


Elber Albaz for Lancome

I’m a huge fan of Mr Albaz and so at the news of a collaboration with Lancome coming 15th June, I got very excited, especially at the site of this self penned portrait, how cute?

source: google

I’m so very excited to see this collection and the wonderful matching packaging – who isn’t a sucker for limited edition packaging right? This is the first time the Moroccan born designer has ever ventured into this area and I’m sure every beauty guru is waiting with baited breath as to what he will come up with…purple being a potential colour theme?


Great Day

I am literally having such a great day today. It’s friday yes which means everyone is itching for home time and ready to get on with a weekend of sweat pants, boxsets and copious cups of tea. For the first time since restarting work I have gotten up with enough time to actually get ready, put my face on as well as tidy my room..heavens above. I even had time enough to prance around to dance around to this:

Exercise done, endorphines relseased, I really am off to a good start. So stumblind upons this picture on pinterest (where else) it just summer up my mood today, all I’m short of is a waterfall to play around in. Literally the cutest picture though. Hope you too are having an amazing Friday 2nd!!

Source: pinterest