2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s safe to say that this year I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for New Year’s Resolutions. This year however, rather than resolutions they are lifestyle changes. With that in mind I’m not setting unrealistic expectations and I’m certainly not going to be hard on myself if something slips as long as I hold myself accountable and pick them back up quickly.


1) Health
– Be more aware of what I’m putting in my body
– Maintain weight but tone up with my weekly ballet and yoga classes plus my “7” app

2) Personal Development
– Take a creative class such as painting or photography
– Practice some sort of meditation at least once a week
– Read 12 books – I’ve signed up to audible so ‘read’ is a loose term

3) Money
– Start saving towards a house (mainly so I can get a cat!)
– Get on top of finances, know roughly what’s coming and going each month

Caley x


Elber Albaz for Lancome

I’m a huge fan of Mr Albaz and so at the news of a collaboration with Lancome coming 15th June, I got very excited, especially at the site of this self penned portrait, how cute?

source: google

I’m so very excited to see this collection and the wonderful matching packaging – who isn’t a sucker for limited edition packaging right? This is the first time the Moroccan born designer has ever ventured into this area and I’m sure every beauty guru is waiting with baited breath as to what he will come up with…purple being a potential colour theme?