The Review: Protein World Slender Blend Trial


I found myself in a bit of a rut, I eat fairly healthily but like all people, enjoy the odd treat. I work out twice a week and walk about an hour every weekday. Not too bad, not too good. So in order to kick start my motivation and feel more confident on my recent holiday I thought I’d try the Protein World starter kit (currently 1/3 off in Superdrug). In the kit you receive a recipe book, 1 weeks worth of protein powder separated into 40g portions and 1 weeks worth of multivitamins & ‘slender blend’ pills. They recommend taking 2 shakes and 2 of each pill a day plus one meal and two small snacks.

I made my dinner meal plan based loosely on the recipe book and loaded up my shopping trolley with unsweetened almond milk and frozen berries for the rest of my ‘meals’. For breakfast I settled on frozen berries with 250 – 300ml water + 100ml almond milk and powder and it was really tasty. For lunch I struggled more because I really missed my salad, so I ended up (just for ease) having plain water or almond milk and powder usually around 1.30-2pm. For dinner then I would have something simple like salmon or chicken with little to no carbs.


The Review

It seriously helped me budge those few pounds lurking around and I now feel way more confident about the way I look. I’m also much more motivated to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating to stay looking this way. This was such an experiment and has just given me the kick start I needed to get re-motivated. I found also that I didn’t bloat, didn’t have energy crashes after lunch and generally had a nice even level of energy throughout the day which kept me motivated not only to exercise but also work during my day job.

My least favourite part of the whole experience was taking the pills, they were quite large and I found all the caffeine in these and the protein powder meant I didn’t sleep as well as I normally do. But, this pack was a complete trial for me and in terms of negative effects I don’t count this as too bad.

I definitely think I would do this again, however I’d tailor it more towards me and just skip the slender blend pills completely. Once I found what worked for me recipe wise using the protein powder, I generally enjoyed the experience and found it so easy and fuss free.

Favourite Breakfast
– 250ml water, 100ml unsweetened almond milk, handful mixed frozen berries, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Lunch
– 400ml coconut milk, 40g vanilla protein powder
Favourite Exercise
– 30 min circuit

– Fairly immediate results
– Easy to do for short period of time
– Once I found a nice recipe, was quite tasty
– No post lunch energy slumps
– Re-motivated my interest in staying fit and healthy

– Shakes got boring
– Craved physical food
– Taking so many pills
– Not feeling in control of what I was putting in my body

In total I’ve lost 4lb in 1 week. Have you tried slender blend before, or anything similar. What did you think?



The Review: Skin Food Egg White Cleanser

The beauty world is buzzing over Korean skincare and makeup. On my trip to China this April, I picked up, among other things, the Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam cleanser. I’ve now been using it for 6 months and it’s almost finished so here are my thoughts on it.

I really enjoy using this cleanser, it lathers up unlike any cleanser I’ve ever used, it’s a thick foam that kind of reminds me of shaving cream. It doesn’t have any discernable scent and does a pretty good job at removing my makeup. But DO NOT get it in your eyes, I learnt the hard way! Egg whites are great for unclogging pores and controlling oils, therefore perfect for my combination skin.


To use I massage a 10p sized amount in my hands before stroking across my face and massaging in for a minute or so then remove with a flannel. I’m then left with squeaky clean skin. It’s gentle but I do think the formula is more suited to the summer months, as the weather is cooling off I’m finding it a little too stripping.

The shopper in me is desperate to buy a new cleanser and finish this off later. But this NEVER happens. So I’ll finish it now and move on to a Winter appropriate one when this is all gone. I do have some Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish samples so I might mix it up if my skin really starts to rebel.

I’d give this cleanser a solid 4/5, it’s great value for money (around £14) but I’ve taken a star off as this doesn’t carry me through the year and it’s darn hard to get hold of this side of the World.

Caley x

The Review: Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash

Another empty, another review. I think I’m going to make this a thing because I do love a good product review and after completely finishing a product, I really can do a decent product review for you all.

Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash

So I initially bought this because I felt my Liz Earle cleanser was sometimes a little thick and with all the creams and face masks I was using, I sometimes wanted a cleanser that really made my face feel clean. At first I really liked this foaming cleanser, it literally cut through all the grease and felt almost like a clarifying shampoo but in cleanser form.

Then I started to dislike the stripping quality of the foam so stopped using it. The ‘aloe gentle’ in the name can only be believed so far – this is a foaming cleanser and by nature will be quite stripping. After some time apart (sounds like a relationship!) I came back to this and found it a good cleanser to use in the shower to make sure my night cream was completely removed.

So overall it was a nice product once I finally found the right time to use it but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. The pump dispenser is nice and because it is foaming it really does last a long time. Even with my combination skin it was a bit stripping at times, and I think this would be the case with oily skin as well. I’m taking Caroline Hirons advice from now on and staying clear of anything foaming for my face.

Caley x

The Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

I cannot sing the praises of this foundation loudly enough. It really is fantastic, so after about a year road-testing it, I thought I’d do a little review.


It has a light/medium coverage and pretty good longevity on the face throughout the day. Generally I can get away with it all day, though some days a bit of powder after lunch wouldn’t go amis. To apply I squeeze out a pinenut sized (specific right) amount onto my finger then dot onto my face. I find that it dries quite quickly so I prefer to dot, blend with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush – then move onto the next area.

I will admit I haven’t tried a huge number of foundations, so I don’t have much base for comparison. However, I do know that this feels great on my skin, adds enough coverage but still lets my freckles etc show through. It strikes the right balance between glow giving and mattifying making it great for all day wear. As with any foundation, the better your skin – the better it looks but when I’ve been lazy it doesn’t stick to dry patches too badly.

At £30 for 30ml it’s a considered purchase. But I really think it’s worth it, I’m nearing the end of my 1st bottle and it’s lasted around a year! If you’ve saved up your Boots points and are wondering what to splurge on, what better than Chanel? The bottle is plastic (so not heavy if travelling) however the bottle is tinted so I have no idea how far down the bottle I am even if I hold it up to the light!

Caley x

The Review: Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I am so glad this product is finally finished! Not just for the satisfaction of finishing a product, but also because I really didn’t like this eye cream. It’s a no frills cream which sounded perfect for my twenty-something skin and was a fairly decent price for such a big pot (£20 for 14g). I’d also read and watched countless people rave about it – so what could go wrong?

kiehl's creamy eye treatment

Well don’t believe the hype people! I found this cream far too rich for my delicate under eye area, I also found application annoying. The product first needs to be warmed between your fingers before applying; which turns it from a thick tacky cream into a more viscous and water-like consistency. Even after warming I found this product still too heavy and difficult to tap around my eyes, to the point where the tapping hurt my skin slightly. I found that concealer and foundation slid right off and my eyelids became even less likely to keep eye shadow on for longer than an hour or two. I’ll be going back to my Clinique Even Better Eyes now this tub is finally finished. Also note to self – never buy an eye cream in a tub it’s not worth the hassle!

Caley x

Jetpack Joyride

I haven’t done many app reviews, I get addicted to apps and then forget about them so I don’t really see the point in showing them to you guys. This app however has been a long time addiction and I wanted to share it. Jetpack Joyride. You direct a little man with a jetpack on his back around electric fields, lazers and missiles collecting coins you can trade for better jetpacks, shoes and other utilities, it’s soo addictive in its simplicity and free, I urge you to download, download, download!!

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