The Boots Haul

So I ran out of pretty much all my beauty essentials at the same time, cue a trip to my favourite Boots. I’ve edited out the ‘fun’ highlights like mouthwash and cotton rounds and left you with all the interesting goodies. So let’s get into it ::



Dry Shampoo – I love the Batiste tropical dry shampoo but going to try this as a change, it smells good is all I know so far. Luckily I don’t have to worry too much about the product being white as I have light hair anyway.

Tan – I cannot recommend St Moriz enough I think it’s great. I usually just go for the lotion but they had sold out so I’ll be interested to see how this mousse version fairs.

Foundation Sponge – I’ve been so interested to try out a beauty blender type product so finally took the plunge with this Real Techniques version. I’m not entirely sure I’ll have the patience every day to apply base with this but it’ll be interesting to compare this vs brush vs fingers with the same foundation.

Eye Cream – I don’t need anything fancy for my eyes at the moment, no amount of cream is going to erase my under eye circles. So I went straight the for the French pharmacy section where you find amazing skincare products that are fuss free, great value and generally fantastic.

Powder – I succumbed to the blogger/YT hype and bought this powder, my L’Oreal true match is on it’s last legs and I brought it along with me to match my shade in store.

I can’t wait to try out all these products, especially as I left the entire bag at my parents house for over a month! So it’s like I’ve bought them all over again. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts of these in upcoming posts.

Caley x


Retro Planet

Oh dear, oh no. Once again I’ve stumbled upon a website that I need to buy the entirety of! Retro Planet. It’s basically a collection of all my favourite things winking and grinning at me screaming “buy me you need me in your house.” There have loads of tin signs of Chevvy’s and hello and entire category of retro coca-cola products (massive sucker) old school americana, oh goodness. If you have a spare few minutes make sure you check this website out if, like me you’re also a massive retro lover. It also makes me want to time travel…which isn’t quite as possible as making an incy wincy purchase 🙂


Who doesn’t have a need for those red plastic diner baskets? Exactly!! Now I know this isn’t a Christmassy post but I became obsessed within 2 minutes and thought it worthy of a mention here.


Christmas Pudding Shoes

These shoes, are without a doubt the best Christmas shoes you’re likely to see. Yes, realistically our Christmas shoes are more likely to be sparkly than pudding themed, but they really are great. Of course such a creation comes from the wonderful Charlotte Olympia who also brought out my favourite cat loafers; I love how fun her designs are they never fail to make me smile, just like the little beauties below did. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas Pudding so may be investing in these would be my way of showing willing?!



Electric Holiday

I have to thank my wonderful friend for showing me this video when she came to visit this weekend, I’ve now watched it at least 5 times in the past few days and it hasn’t grown old. I can’t think of a greater collaboration than Disney and Barney’s. Now Barney’s holds some sort of nostalgia in my heart because when I was growing up that’s where Rachel from Friends worked in New York and New York was my dream and of course I can’t think of any part of my childhood or in fact my life now without harking back to some sort of Disney film. I found myself quoting something I didn’t even remember was Disney! It’s ingrained.

This video is so great, Elber Albaz is my favourite, he was made to be a Disney character right?! And Minnie as always is just adorable, who didn’t want to dress up at Minnie when they were younger? So I’m sharing this wonderful video with you to enjoy, amazing job Barney’s and Disney for creating this magical fashion short. I am a bit late on the uptake with this (sorry) but now the puzzle of why SJP was on the red carpet with Mickey ears on has been solved! Of course with any collaboration there is a collection to buy and my eye is on the cookie jar.


ACNE sloan shirt

Now I dunno what it is, but I’m in love with this ACNE shirt; the colour, the cut, everything. I wanna wear it with tight black leather trousers and a gold spike necklace and some killer black shoe boots. Unfortunately I have neither the skin tone nor the money to get this, but it’s still so pretty to look at! Adding it to my pinterest “in your dreams woman” board!



Blistex Lip Massage

I just wanted to share the love for one of my favourite lip balms, I first got this product when I was visiting NYC over the Christmas holidays a few years back and just picked it up in Walgreen’s. Now every winter it’s my staple. It’s Blistex lip massage. The balm is so nice (tastes good) and the applicator massages your lips whilst applying the product and removes the dry skin. I seriously recommend it and I only just found out they have it over here in the UK too. Lovely 🙂 do you have any staple winter beauty products?

Source: googleimages


Dream Job?

I LOVE Victoria’s Secret and I swear they launch a new product every month…not that i’m complaining, well sort of, because I can’t buy them! Ok so I was watching their latest launch video and thought to myself WOW this would literally be one of the coolest jobs ever organising the launch of products; inviting the right people, finding the right venue, creating the right feel and theme for the venue. It would send my little organising details brain into super cosmic excitement. I wonder what this sort of job would be called, perhaps it would be good to get some experience at event planning? Anybody have any suggestions? Oh and here is my vid-spiration?!!


John Lewis 2012

Now I already have a lot of love for this company, but this advert I’m assuming made it’s debut yesterday during the advert breaks in Downton Abbey season 3 (YESSSSS) and my mum and I sat in silence for a full 1.30 for the whole advert. Amazing, I love it. MASSIVE well done to John Lewis. Also totally want to dress up in all the girl’s clothes!



So I don’t know what it is and maybe I’m late on the band wagon but I’m loving skulls at the moment, not in a morbid way, but in an Alexander McQueen totally hip way. It’s interesting to see them popping up all over the place a little collection from Harvey Nichols Facebook page caught my attention and I thought to myself yes, I believe I am a skull convert, that’s not to say i’m going to leave my bows behind heeeyalll no, but maybe i’m branching out and perhaps this will help me ditch the cursed C word that follows me around. NOOOO not that one….CUTE! Below is a mixture of some of my favourite skulls. (god this post sounds weird!)


Is it Fall yet?

It’s a terrible thought that I have, but come mid august I’m bored of the summer of broken ‘good weather’ promises and ready to move into autumn or fall as my american friends call it (which incidentally I prefer).  I know I know, who wishes away summer, but come on folks of the UK, you know what I’m talking about. It’s been barely worth the effort of window shopping online for that summer wardrobe! So a few weeks early I’ve decided to look into what it is exactly it is that makes me so excited for the fall.

Pumpkin everything – cookies, muffins, lattes, decor – you name it!

Boots – cosy socks poking out the top

Trees – turning through yellow, orange, brown and then dropping ready to step on all crunchy

Layering – pretty camis and light knit cardis

Fall colours – olive, burgundy, gold, grey, orange

source: 1.essie – going incognito, 2.pinterest,, 4.pinterest

and…being able to use one of my all time favourite words; COSY. I love to be cosy, I was born to be cosy!

Perhaps another spark for this fall excitement is now having an office job, if it’s fall I know I definitely won’t be missing out on any good weather, plus that air con is on so harshly it feels basically like i’m there already. What are your favourite things about autumn/fall?